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Thursday, January 10, 2013

When Did My House Get So Big?

Right after the Christmas decorations come down is the only time of the year that my house feels so big and sparse to me. I guess it is all of those last few months when the house has been so crammed full of stuff that makes it seem so. And, even though I would always welcome more room in my house, I always have a difficult time putting up my Valentines decorations and not having the house still look bare to me. Then, when it does look bare, I add more...and more... and more until it is just way too fussy and "tchotchked" up. I have finally got Valentines ready to reveal and instead of "tweaking" I have been trying to pare down before taking pictures.

I think I am ready in the living room, so let's start there:


Welcome. This area is so hard to photograph because to get a good picture I am either completely reflected in the mirror or my flash is. In any case, I'm sure you can tell that that is my beloved typewriter-a gift from daughter #1 and family for dog-sitting their black lab while they were in Europe. Don't tell her, but we love that dog so much, we really don't need any compensation. But....look what I got. The first time I used this prop was in my Edgar Allan Poe vignette for Halloween. I reluctantly put it away and then was browsing Pinterest one day (or a blog and I liked the idea so much I pinned it-not sure which came first) where I saw someone else use the same typewriter in a Valentine vignette-how brilliant! I simply typed up a note and a Valentine poem and was good to go.

As you see, I was true to my word about leaving my bargain tinsel Christmas rings and candles and holders right where they were. With the addition of the tussy mussy I made several years ago that also has the same tinsel and the XOXO banner, I think it is all pulled together and no longer "reads" as Christmas-and, a few less things to put away for awhile!

So, there you have it. All pretty much finished except the sofa table that is a definite "work in progress". I am O.K. with the bird cage - although I am considering moving it to one of two other places - but, I think I want the long, wooden box here once again filled with candles, lights and vintage Valentines. But, I have no idea where I put the white lights that I used here last year. Maybe they burned out. Wish I had remembered so I could have picked some up at all of the after Christmas sales. Don't know if I can find them now. I did see where Target has some small heart shaped lights in pink so I am heading there tomorrow. Really have no idea where this will end up. As I said-a work in progress.

I am also getting together my list of craft supplies so that I can get started on gifts. Since my gifts for adults are almost always home decor for the holiday, I like to get them done and off in time for the "lucky recipients" to actually use them this holiday. Nothing worse than receiving a gift that has to get put straight into storage and won't be used for 12 more months! I am anxious to get started. Stay tuned! 

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