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Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Shall We Sleep On It"?

I admit that it has been a few years since we bought our last mattress and box spring. Apparently that is why we found ourselves out looking for a new set. I truly don't remember how much we paid for it but I know it wasn't anywhere near the prices I saw yesterday!

I tried to do a bit of homework online but I discovered that it is really difficult to compare mattresses between stores as mattress makers will make the exact same mattress but give it different names for each store. Then, when you see varying prices, you don't realize that they may be for the exact same thing. I did discover that January is as good a month to buy a mattress as any other because it seems like they go on sale around every holiday all year long. But, I did find out that Macys 2 best mattress sales were in fact in January and July. We had pretty much decided to buy our mattress from them as we have gotten 2 other sets there over the years and feel like they are reputable enough to stand behind their items. We have never had an issue so we have never had to put that to the test.

Mattress shopping felt very much like car shopping to me. I really didn't know the difference between one or another. We had an incredibly knowledgeable saleswoman and it still sounded like she was speaking Greek. And, when it come down to it, I really don't care how many football fields lengths of wire went into my twisted coils-I just know what felt the best. And, no surprise to me, what felt the best was one of the most expensive sets in the store. But, the one common thread that ran through so many of the online comments was that you really do get what you pay for when shopping for a new mattress. And, since our very first mattress set after marriage cost only $40 (that WAS 47 years ago but still...) because I spent all of the other available money on beautiful Broyhill furniture and figured no one would ever see the mattress, I know whereof I speak. I truly think that thing was stuffed with hay-but, I digress once again.

I love the feel of the mattress we bought but let me go on record saying that I HATE the looks of the box spring. It is black cashmere. Now who needs black cashmere on a box spring I ask? The lady told me that is so I don't need a dust ruffle. My response is that I will probably need 2 to cover up that hideous box spring. I guess it would be great if I were furnishing a bachelor pad, but I sure would have rather had a discount and had a box spring covered in lovely white cotton instead!

So, in just 3 1/2 weeks-yes, it will take that long to deliver to our "area"-this beauty will be coming to live with us. Funny how they have the boxspring hidden in this picture. But, come to think of it, it looks a lot like that box frame they have it in. (Sorry the picture is so blurry but everywhere I went to steal borrow a picture did this when I downloaded. Maybe they knew I was going to rag on their box spring!)

All kidding aside, it truly feels like climbing into a cloud and I can't wait for it to arrive! We are currently sleeping on a Sleep Number bed and it has been fine but its time has come! And, since this lovely has a 25 year warranty, I am looking forward to many happy years together-although I would really still have rather used the money for granite in my kitchen but that is for another post. Stay tuned.

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