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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Sale and an Offer I Couldn't Refuse!

That is really all it takes to completely change my plans for the day weekend. It is a long story. Yesterday, my youngest texted me that her hubby had surprised her with lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. As an aside, she told me she bought about $300 worth of Christmas decor for $90-70% off-at the boutique within the restaurant. My husband was there when that text came in.

My plans had been to FINALLY start taking down my Christmas decor but I really didn't want to and it was going to be gray and yucky out today and I REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO.

So, when we woke up this morning, my husband says "why don't we go to breakfast, run by that boutique and see if they have anything left for Christmas you might want and then we can run by the grocery store to stock up for the weekend?".

And my friends, that is all it took. He did not have to ask twice. And, at that moment, I knew that my house would be "Christmasy" at least one more day-probably two. You see, I have developed a terrible habit. If I don't start a project first thing in the morning, I find it very hard to get motivated at all. This was all the excuse I needed! Tomorrow, by the time church is over and we eat out, I am pretty well assured of another day's reprieve!

So, off we went. There was still alot of stuff left in the boutique because they had been closed for the entire week after Christmas. Now they are actually willing to take a loss just so they don't have to store stuff for another year. And that works to the customer's advantage.

I could have gotten so much more but since I have several PB orders on their way, I figured I would hold back a bit. I did buy some vintage glittery stuff for the LR vignettes. I even think I will keep the tinsel candle rings out and be able to use them in my Valentine's decorating.

So, what do you think? Seems as if a cold is trying its hardest to take over my life. Think I am going to light the lights and candles yet once again, get a fire going and cozy in for a movie or two. Hopefully I will tackle the decorations on Monday. That makes my heart happy because I can relish the decor and tree a few more nights. Too much after that and I will have to get out the feather duster and get to town on the tree and ornaments!

As I re-read this post I realized how often I referenced food-didn't even tell you that while I was at Tres Chic I brought home a piece of their fabulous fresh coconut cake-so I guess taking down Christmas will not be the only thing to start on Monday. I see a diet in my future but EVERYONE knows that diets can only start on Mondays. I perhaps know this better than most because I have started one every Monday of 2012. Oh well, new year, new diets! Stay tuned.


  1. Pop is such an enabler - but it would look great on my Christmas mantel too!

  2. I think we were both just looking for ways to avoid going to work and "retail therapy" always works for me. And, did you hear 70% off on boutique items!!?? Glad to have you back and commenting. When I fed you a few straight lines on previous posts and didn't hear back, I knew you still weren't yourself! Feel better!!