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Sunday, January 6, 2013


So, as is so oft the occasion in our home, plans that were made yesterday for today have changed. I have a pretty rough cold and didn't think people in church would be happy sitting so close to me as I try to stifle coughs and sneezes. So, we didn't get to church today. That would have meant a lovely at home day except I am feeling so crummy, I have NO energy!

Don't know if it is the cold or the cold meds I am taking, but I have absolutely no energy at all so, even though I am home, I am still not really accomplishing more than reading and probably a movie later today.

But, I did wake up hungry (starve a fever...feed a cold-and all that), so my husband offered to make me some eggs and hash brown potatoes-total comfort food to me...and not something that we do all that often. So, of course, I then thought of the scone mix I bought in Mt. Dora and was able to "stir up the energy" to make a half batch. These things are delicious! And, really very easy-just add whole milk and vanilla to the mix. I threw in a few craisins even though there are a few currants already in there. 18 minutes later we had warm, fresh scones. And, since I found the Devonshire cream (to me a combination of butter and heavy cream) last week at "The Fresh Market", just the addition of some raspberry all-fruit preserves and we were in business! Good thing we don't live any closer to Mt. Dora or I would be in serious trouble-just saying! I love these things!

Is there any wonder why I might be feeling just a smidge better? Maybe it is just all of the TLC I am receiving. Stay tuned!

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