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Monday, January 14, 2013

Love Is In the Air!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I would like to tell you that I accomplished all of the things on my to-do list, but that would be more than a stretch! But, I did have a fun weekend none the less.

I recently bought some new pillow covers for my family room from PB. I loved them but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make them go with the rest of the room-and believe me, I tried. So I had to bite the bullet and admit that they had to be exchanged. Of course, that meant another trip to the Pottery Barn Store at Wiregrass-oh, drats! (did that sound even a little bit sincere?) So, off we went. The weather was unbelievable-blue skies and hovering at 80 degrees. My husband was in his glory - he had his book and he loves to people watch. He found a big ole comfy rocker right in the middle of the village and was good to go.

I quickly exchanged my covers for ones that I knew in my gut I should have gotten to begin with. The only reason I was pulling for the others was that they had big sunflowers on them and I could just picture them moved to the livingroom during the summer when sunflowers take over my late summer decor-but, I digress.

Since I was at my favorite place on earth, I figured I would look around a bit as well. All I can say is thank goodness most of their after Xmas stuff was gone! I did buy 2 other pillow covers just meant for the sunroom, another mercury glass vase and a small, red mercury glass candle holder-all of which went immediately out into the current decor.

And, of course, we got to enjoy a long leisurely lunch at our favorite restaurant down there-just a wonderful, easy paced day in our all-too-soon-to-be HECTIC lives as filing season has begun again!!

So with all of that being said, let's take a glimpse around the family room. A few changes-see if you can catch them.

One of my all-time favorite crafts-a dozen long stemmed "poses". I made these many years ago. I have updated mine as new grand children came along and I still smile every time I look at it. Truly would so much rather have this than roses any day!

This guy is a garden bird that I bought oh so long ago at the cutest little garden cottage-in fact, I think that is what it was called-in Maitland. I brought him in and scrubbed him off. I then made a tiny envelope out of paper printed with a romantic script and sealed it with a small, glittered heart. Then, all I did was glue it to a piece of red ribbon and use some poster tack to attach it to his beak.Now he is truly a "love bird".

I managed to sort of get a picture of the vintage valentine box in the living room as it is glowing at night. What do you think?

And, one of my new pillow covers-they're growing on me. I will have to admit that they go much better with everything else in this room.

Better head off to start to tackle that ever growing to-do list. Be back soon. Stay tuned. 

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