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Monday, January 21, 2013

Starting Small...

...or maybe not!

I thought I would show you the front of the house with my Valentine decorations and then the guest bath as it currently looks. Then, I was going to make my Valentine gifts and sew a bunch of pillows for daughter #3-not really sure how that happened because this story all started with her asking me to bring my sewing machine to her house so she could make some pillows-but, I digress.

Then, I was planning the beginning of my next "blog series". I was going to finally do what I have been talking about for oh so long-update and tweak each room of the house in small ways. I'm not talking about the big projects here-just the things that I could control and do all by myself without a huge monetary expenditure. You know, just enough to make my heart smile when I entered each room and give me that "first day of the rest of my life" feel.

Yep! That was the plan. And, I was starting small-the guest bathroom that I just showed you. I like this room. It really doesn't need much-repaint the woodwork, de-clutter the linen closet and vanity areas, swap out a few accessories, possibly new wall color and a frame around that huge mirror. Yep, that was my plan and I was going to start this week.

But, the day before Christmas when I was cleaning for the next day, I noticed that some of the wood floor in my kitchen area had risen. This has happened before when the A/C unit on the other side of that wall has frozen. I immediately began my visual search for the point of origin of the water and found all of the usual culprits bone dry. I put some Loctite glue under the wood and let it go.

Fast forward these few weeks and I am now noticing the same thing on my living room floor and far away from any sensible water source. So, we called a client of my husbands who is a general contractor and he came out.

Long story short, we will need to have a company come out with "sonar" (I think that is what he said-I was kind of in a daze) equipment to determine the water source. Seems like it might be a leak in the slab and might involve replacing ALL of the floors in the house. We shall see.

So much for my starting small in the new year idea. On the bright side, I might get all new floors! On the other side, I will have to come to some decisions. As much as I adore my wood floors, do I really want to face this happening again? And, if I don't go with wood, do I want stone everywhere? And, will our home owners insurance help with any of it or will I need to get a job to finance this fiasco? Right now, it is too much to think about and really not necessary until we have an answer. We shall just have to wait and see. I guess in the mean time, I will start the guest bath-just keep my fingers crossed that the water leak doesn't extend that far. Should be a fun couple of weeks (months?). Stay tuned!

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