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Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm "Loving" It!

So, we've been through the living room, family room and kitchen so far. Today we will see what the dining room and sunroom are looking like this year. I guess when it comes down to it, it is pretty much lots of hearts and anything that is red, pink or white. It's looking like I am pretty much a traditionalist where Valentines is concerned as well as Christmas-can't quite buy those hearts done up in turquoise or chartreuse! Don't really know why I can't jump on that band wagon occasionally but, as I like to say, "I am a purist" and any color other than red, pink or white (or variations thereof) does not "read" as Valentines to me! So, come along.

Like I said, lots of hearts and red, pink and white. That's just "how I roll". As you first enter the dining room, you will see the over flow of photos from the family room. It is a good thing that my grand children are getting older and we don't have quite as many holiday photo-ops as we used to or we would have to move out to make room for all of the frames. I do plan on having the 3 youngest over soon for some Valentine crafting so I know there will be at least a few more frames before the holiday is over!

The hutch is pretty much as it was last year when I added the glittered hearts that my mom had made-I still LOVE them!

Still have my old water bottle here in the dining room on the tea cart. I saw where someone had the EXACT water bottle and holder and they were using it on their hearth next to their fireplace, I am thinking of moving it to my family room when I decorate for spring and possibly moving the cart out of this room all together. I think it will make the room appear a lot less cluttered but that is a bit of "merchandising space" to give up, so we will see.

A step down from the dining room is the sunroom. I usually keep it pretty simple in there because I am pooped by the time I work myself to this end of the house. This is where the kids tend to nestle, so I want to make sure it has at least the feel of the current holiday, but, I must admit, sometimes it just gets the leftovers that I decide not to use anywhere else. That is what I am NOT showing you today-mostly Valentine candles, signs and wall hangings. They don't look bad, they just don't photograph well because they are scattered.

I do like the centerpiece in the middle of the round table but when I look at this picture, I am thinking that I may go back and add a red placemat under the vignette. I am planning on buying faux red flowers for the holder tubes-just haven't seen any that aren't down right ugly yet!

And, speaking of ugly, I think I really need to re-think that empty frame hanging on the wall in the dining room. Just not working for me any more!

Next we will take a quick peek at the guest bath and the front porch and then hopefully I will be able to show you what gifts I have decided to make this year. I bought all of the supplies the other day, so I think I am good to go! Stay tuned.

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