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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Having a "Heart to Heart"

Let's move along to the kitchen. It is a lot like last year-sorry. I guess I have so many things still on my catch up list right now that I didn't feel I had enough time this year to come up with all new decor. But, I still like it and it certainly tells you Valentine's Day is on its way!

I use this "catch all" to hold extra wine glass charms, straws, serving pieces, napkins, coasters and my favorite of all, the raspberry-chocolate coffee from Fresh Market packaged in that oh-so-pretty Valentine bag - I know they must do that just for me - ha-ha.

I just picked up that frame last night. I will be adding a current photo very soon!

I love the "valentine" labels on these wines and, once again, get very happy looking at this pretty picture of roses next to the arrangement that sort of mimics the picture. Call me crazy but all it takes sometimes is little things like that to make me giddy. I'm easy!

And, as promised, an update on these 2 areas. I wish my camera would show how pretty this box now looks but no matter how many pictures I took, the warm glow coming off of it eluded me! I found a string of outdoor SUMMER lights. Since my Target was apparently out of the cute pink ones I had seen advertised, I snatched these up quickly. I wove some tulle in Valentine colors through the bottom of the box and then nestled in the lights. Now that I think about it, about the only purpose the tulle is serving is to raise the lights because you can no longer see any of it but I guess that is better than nothing. It was really pretty and romantic looking until I started to pile in the vintage cards. I also went ahead and put the red candles back-although they won't be lit being so close to all of that paper- and a pretty red, glittery ribbon twisted through. I love it and it gives me a different way to showcase the cards I have collected over the years.

And, Mr. U.P.S. rang my doorbell just as expected last night with my 2 last pillow covers. I love the balance these red covers give the couch and since I couldn't find the pillow covers I was looking for at HL yesterday, I will either have to make some or give up on my stenciled pillow idea-not sure yet. We will see where the next week takes me-stay tuned.

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