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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Inspiration FINALLY Struck.... more ways than one! Yes, this is finally happening in my house!!!

Christmas has made its way sort of out to the garage. This is really all I have left to put away because all of the rest of my Christmas decor is stored in the house-lots of it in the blanket chest in the LR, more in bins in the FR closet and the dishes and glassware in the wall sized cabinet in the DR. This really sholud be easy to put up except that I have SO MUCH STUFF, I will have to empty what is in the Christmas Rubbermaid to the Valentine's bins before I can put all of this in them. And, so it will go, holiday after holiday until we come to one where I don't have as many "themed" frames, dishware, etc. and I can once again use my "non-seasonal or holiday" decor that has been moved around for months on end. One of these days, I will rethink this process but not TODAY!

And, while that is happening, this is as well!

I am once again multi-tasking and find myself going in circles but I AM making progress! The tree was still up as Valentine's was encroaching on the room. So, at last it was time to clean out under the tree. And in doing, I re-visited each of my Christmas gifts.

I think I have told you before how much each of my girls really knows me. I see it over and over in their thoughtful gifts-always things I would get for myself if I saw them first. My house, closet and jewelry box are testaments to this fact.

In any case, daughter #3 and her family gave me a beautiful Christmas charm for my Pandora bracelet (which was actually a gift on my birthday from daughter #2 and her family-but, I digress), a green mercury glass sconce that will be out from St. Pat's on and this bundle of pages.

I can't tell you how much I love them. She found them at Ballard Design in Tampa and said they looked like me-old and tattered??? I prefer to think of it as "on the cutting edge"! Anyhow, I was lamenting the fact that they too would not be in my decor until March when I realized that I could simply change the cover pages to a Valentine ephemera and they would be perfect for my decor. So I zipped to my Valentine's file on my computer and copied a few vintage sheets. These have been in my file so long that I couldn't begin to tell you where I originally found them, but if you go to "The Graphics Fairy" or any other ephemera site, you should be able to find about anything you may be looking for. I ran them on red paper and then "grunged" them up with some French postmarks and Tim Holtz Distress Ink. I slipped those sheets back into the bundle and voila....!

I love them. I think I am going to put it on my coffee table with my "keys to my heart"-replacing the red leather book that is currently there. We will see as I have thought of many places it could actually go. And then, as is the usual course with me, I was off on another tangent. Don't tell anyone on my gift list, but I think these would be fabulous for Easter-perhaps tied up with a beautiful pastel ribbon and a little spring nest or flower nestled into the top-or, maybe even some printed in green and tied up with a shamrock-or, maybe one in patriotic colors with a small flag....oh the possibilities!!!!

And, while I was deep in the throes of taking down the tree and untangling all of the lights yet again-I think they got so bad when 1/3 of the tree went dead and I had to remove those lights and add so many new ones-my beloved U.P.S. man arrived with this little gem:

And yes, I know it looks a bit washed out next to those 2 off white pillows but I got an e-mail this morning that my 2 large, red PB covers were now on their way-10 days AHEAD of schedule-one more reason to LOVE PB-so they will give this couch some POP as well as something else I am mulling.

Picture one of these pillows but in a Valentines theme. They look so simple that I think I am going to try them. And, I am stopping at HL first because a blog I follow just posted this morning about the fabulous pillow covers they carry. I have never seen them but I went on-line and if I can get a large one in a neutral linen or burlap and not have to actually make the cover first, it is a no-brainer. Simply pull out my large, foam stamps and go to town. Or, I could cut a stencil with my Cricut. I see pillows in my future. Stay tuned.      

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