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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Live and Learn

It is the morning after our two days of back-to-school fun and I think we all had a really good time yet again!

When last I posted, I think I told you about my dinner menu plans. Usually when we have company, I go with the tried and true but since this was family and I have soooo many recipes "pinned" to try, I went with three new dishes. The pesto chicken and roasted Parmesan potatoes were a definite thumbs up but I WILL NEVER make the carmelized onion spinach bread again. It isn't because it was horrible-it is because it took FOREVER to make (for a "quick" bread"), had tons of ingredients so it was not inexpensive and none of the time or ingredients could be detected in the taste. If you closed your eyes, you would have NO clue what you were eating. That being said, the rest of the meal-which included the kids' favorite steamed broccoli and everyone's favorite fresh corn salad and Rice Krispie treats-was a hit with all!

On day #1, we mostly had fun! We started with our Shrinky Dinks and, I must say, I was right on the money with these. The kids loved this project and went straight to the internet to download images they wanted. Then they had fun with my copier getting them to just the right size.

This gang has done so so many crafts that all I really need to do any more is give them a general idea of the instructions and they can run with it! Since I wanted to come up with something they might actually use, I went with backpack dangles...and the kids seemed excited about that.

It is hard to see, but since Pres is our little artist, she chose a paint palette.

Harrison chose a Pokemon icon-I think??!

Hudson was super excited with his Falcon logo as that is his football team this year.

Then, we made our Rolo pencils to be used at our dinner as name cards. I had to move fast and snatch them up before the munchkins tried "sampling"!

Our lunch was pretty much "apple" themed with yummy frosted doughnuts for dessert. As you can see, some of us were a bit more heavy handed with the sprinkles!

We also fit in some back-to-school Bingo, 3-D sidewalk chalk and a movie.

Day #2 was mostly getting ready for the night's dinner-which ended up being rather late as both boys (and Coach "Dad") had football practice. Of course, we did manage to throw in a bit of fun.

Dinner turned out really well and we even had a "surprise" guest-although this face shouldn't be a surprise much any more as she is pretty much inseparable from my three grand children. They live next door to each other and truly have a spot in the fence where they can hop back and forth between their two houses in a blink! Such perfect childhood memories!

It took a LOT of food coloring to get here, but get here we did!

So the 2016-2017 schhol year can now officially begin-we are ready! We still have a busy rest of the week. Lots of appointments and then one more birthday party for Presley-this one for family. Looking forward to seeing any one who can make it. And, as usual, I will document it in photos. Something to look forward to-haha. Stay tuned.

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