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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Rainy Day Fun

We have been pretty lucky this summer with our rain patterns. The rains have either been non-existent or much later in the day so that we could still do everything we needed to do outside before having to take shelter. BUT, it appears that we are now back on usual summer rain patterns and I was so happy to not only listen to rain almost all night long but pretty much most of today so far. This kind of weather just lends itself to inside projects...and, how lucky for me, because I was going to finish my sign today no matter what the weather!

I really did think about how I wanted to get those letters on that sign and decided that a taped border on the bottom and then tracing the letters I cut out to see about placement was the way to go. There is probably a much easier way but I just didn't come up with it this time. No matter! The way I chose is one of my favorites because it is like coloring book coloring-just stay in the lines. It is really pretty much meditative to me-once I find just the perfect brush.

So pretty much done but now comes the hardest part-at least for me! I have to be patient. The black paint goes on pretty thickly so it takes a bit for it to get nice and dry. The last step is just the sanding and distressing-and possibly a quick swipe with a bit of stain. The finishing is what takes it from letters painted on wood to what could be an authentic, weathered market makes all of the difference! I am off to eat some lunch and piddle around with a few other chores before coming back to this. The next image you see will be the finished product!

Ta-da!! I love it but getting it here was NO easy feat! I have told you many times that I don't like measuring but every now and then, it is necessary. Since I am also a bit OCD on symmetry, I knew I had to get this just right or I would go nuts...and, therein, lay (lie?? lays??? lies?) my mistake! I tried too hard and that is a sure step to failure for me. I really do do better when I "eyeball". It doesn't help much that I am operating on about three hours sleep last night either! In any case, it is FINALLY up.

After I got it done I realized that I actually had two other places I could hang this sign as well-both of them are in the dining room though and since I have so much Tuscon style in there, I figured the kitchen would be best. I wish it could have gone over my cabinets but the crown molding just hid too much of it.

So here it hangs in all of its glory-what do you think?

We are having some company tomorrow but the rest of the week is pretty free so now that I have whet my painting appetite again, I think I may go on and do the other Halloween sign I found. We shall see. Stay tuned.

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