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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Looking Back to Go Forward

I am using these last lazy days of summer to go back over my old blogs, Pinterest pins and pages pulled from magazines-and yes, I still much prefer perusing magazines sitting in the sun room and drinking coffee in the mornings. I must say I am having a very hard time holding myself back from jumping up and starting the autumn decor. I have heard more and more people say they are doing just that. I think it must be the compounded frustration over the heat of this seems as if all anyone can speak of these days is how this has been the worst summer ever! Not sure if that is true but it has been really, really HOT...the take your breath away kind of hot! I think we are all ready for a change.

And so, I am planning my autumn transition. I am hoping to do some changing but as I look back, I kind of like the way things looked last year. I had already started my "thinning out" process so we will see how things go this year.

Speaking of thinning out-after I hung my new "farmers market" sign, I was looking at the picture I posted and all of a sudden it just looked too busy to me. And so, I decided to take down the filigree brackets and I think I like the door way better-not as fussy. A bit cleaner looking and anything I can do these days to aid in the idea that my house is clean is greatly accepted.

So what do you think? The new look is definitely less cluttered but, I don't know, the jury is still out.

Today was back to school for four of our grand children...two more head back to college classes next week and the last will be starting her senior year of high school. I truly don't know where the years have gone!

Olivia is starting her freshman year at the same school from which her sister just graduated.

These three have been in the same school for a number of years but this year, Harrison is off to middle school. Luckily for them, his middle school shares a campus with their elementary school so logistics are still pretty easy although schedules are a bit different. It looks like Hazel wants to go along. I know she is going to miss all of the attention she has gotten this summer.

"Bye Mom!"...And so another year begins. Can't wait to share my autumn ideas soon! Stay tuned.

My sentiments exactly!!

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