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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The "Shopaholic" Is Alive and Well...

...and apparently living in my house. If you have ever read any of Sophie Kinsella's "Shopaholic" series-and can relate-you will understand today's post. When I read the very first book in this series, I laughed out loud through the whole thing. I SO recognized myself in her. I admit that I love to shop! I admit that I LOVE a good bargain. And, sadly, I will admit to all of  Becky Bloomwood's (the main character) frailties. I can especially relate to her "if one is good, two are better and might as well buy 6 just in case they ever stop making these things" mentality!! Oh how many times I have stood before a display and argued with myself about just that sort of thing-only to usually lose said argument and end up buying "extras" just in case.

So with that background you can probably better understand this picture.

I opened the barn doors this morning and pictured the two baskets I bought yesterday sitting pretty on the shelves. And then I noticed more shelf space and stuff that needs to be there that just isn't pretty and I just knew that another stop in Target would be necessary in my wanderings this morning. I also added a couple of other items to my arsenal so I think I am ready to go once I have a few uninterrupted hours. Can't wait!!! I know it will be a challenge because I don't think hubby and I can move the huge washer and dryer so I am thinking I will pretty much be stripping wallpaper and painting walls while sitting up on top of those things! It may be a challenge but I am up for it! Off for my hair appointment and then dinner at our favorite downtown restaurant as a reward for living through our last few hectic weeks! Stay tuned.

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