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Friday, August 12, 2016

Maybe Just One More Tweak...

...or two. When I made the small valance for the new bathroom window, I felt it was a tad too small...and, I was O.K. with the linen I used that I had laying around the house but I had always intended to get something else if it came my way. Well, the other day as I was strolling HL, I spied some printed duck cloth. I knew that drapery fabric would be too heavy for such a small piece but I didn't want dress maker cotton. Duck would be perfect and they had sooo many different prints. I did have to be careful of the scale of the print and once I spied the French word, image and post mark fabric, I knew I was a goner. You know how much I love words and post marks on just anything. And so, I bought a bit and when I went to make it this time, I made it just ever so much longer and wider and I made the fabric ties just a bit thinner. I really like it so much better.

Here's the first attempt. It was O.K. but I think the new one just has a bit more presence.

And while I was out strolling, I did some strolling through Michaels as well and found what looked to me like a very French bottle and another metal pitcher. Somehow they found their way home with me and up onto this shelf.

I think I am done in this room. Tomorrow I will be off to find a better hanging arrangement for my "Farmers Market" sign. I knew when I was hanging it that I probably should have waited,,,but, well, you know me. Patience is a virtue and I am not very virtuous right now. I used sawtooth holders but they were the small ones. And, I knew for that heavy sign to hold, I would need larger nails or screws. Well, the mails that I used didn't quite fit into the tooth of the hanger and this morning, as hubby and I were in another room reading the paper and having our first cups of coffee, we heard a loud bang. I knew right away what had happened but I'm not sure what precipitated it. No shaking of the walls, slamming of doors, etc. The sign fell, took a fairly nice gouge out of our wooden floor and, let's just say it is a bit more authentically distressed than it was a when I finished making it-haha. Lucky for me I like things "shabby". Stay tuned.

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