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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Let the Games Begin!!

We had a few hours today before we had to head out for an appointment so I thought I would at least get started. Oh what fun! SERIOUSLY!! My hubby unscrewed the many, many screws that were used over the years-most of them were holding the Rubbermaid organizers but lots were just to hang wreaths, extension cords, etc. Let me reiterate, I never really cared much what this area looked like because those hideous bi-folds were hardly ever left open because you would run into them and they would fall off the track and hit you in the head-but, I digress-haha.

While hubby was doing his thing, I climbed up on the dryer and started using my "paper tiger" (which is a miracle that I still have because I really don't use wallpaper any more but, being of the "keep it because you might need it someday" mentality, I found it. I soaked the paper and MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, it pulled off in large sheets. It was SO MUCH FUN!! This is truly the first time I have EVER stripped wallpaper and it came off in sheets. It was fabulous and I was almost sorry it was such a small space.

Starting to clear out junk essentials. Do I REALLY need all of that stuff? For a person who rarely washes her floors any more, I sure have a boat load of mops!!

Paper is all down and MANY holes are filled!

I find it hard to believe I had this in my laundry area all of these years let alone in my kitchen and dining room before that...what was I thinking??

When I first saw this picture I thought the tracks looked crooked because of the camera angle but, no, they are crooked...and not the same lengths. 

In any case, the paper is now down and as I looked at the bracket system I used I realized it was from "back in the day" when this system was just coming out. Even though I had fully intended to reuse it, I am now thinking I need to make a quick trip to Lowes just to see what new innovations in this kind of shelving there may be. It still just really needs to be more functional than decorative, but we will see.

I still have no idea what will go on the walls after I get all of those filled holes sanded but it will be something that I already have so not too many options. Tomorrow will tell! Stay tuned!.

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