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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cautiously Optimistic!

We've been hearing about the possible tropical depression that may or may not come our way. I guess I have become rather complacent about these storms. I grew up in south Florida on the coast and we did have some pretty rough hurricanes come through but since I have been in central Florida, the ones that do make it here are usually the kinder and gentler versions. That doesn't mean that I would welcome one. We have lost power for as long as four days and had much debris to pick up but I really don't panic to the point of boarding up windows, putting out sand bags etc. That being said, the sky is very ominous right now and it feels like it is starting to close us in. We should know by tomorrow if this one is going to really turn the way they are predicting and what precautions we will need to take.

And so, it is not fun to be outside. It is hot, humid and gloomy! I am trying hard to find things to do here in the house to keep me busy so, after paying bills, I have decided that this might just be a good day to get serious about my Halloween plans. I can't set dates or even decide if I will be the one hosting this year because, with two grand daughters now in college, their schedules come first and we will work around just about anything so that we can all be together!

But, as I said, I may change up some of my vignettes this year. I think I will keep the living room as Edgar Allan Poe with all of the accompanying ravens but I am thinking of not doing the "laboratory". It takes up soooo much room that could house other treasures. Of course, the little kids will miss it-they love pretending that they're cooking up some wicked potion-especially with the google eyed glasses on their faces!

Oh wow, I've got to stop looking at these pictures. How can I not have a laboratory??!?

I picked up a few new goodies with the holiday in mind.

Don't know where any of this is going to go but I will spend the next few hours with a cup of coffee, my feet up and try to figure it all out. Stay tuned.

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