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Friday, September 2, 2016

We Were Lucky

In the scheme of hurricanes, we were really lucky this time. Central Florida doesn't usually feel the really harsh effects of a hurricane but this one was a bit different. It seems like south, central Florida even got hit rather badly-lots of tornadoes touching down here and there. We had a pretty gloomy day yesterday and then the storm hit during the night. Lots of our friends lost power and had large limbs or small trees down but I really only had little branches and lots and lots of Spanish moss to pick up. The most work I had to do was put all of the pool furniture back on the patios and decks. Right now it is pretty calm and dry and the sun is actually trying to peek out a bit. I know lots of others didn't fare as well and I am hoping this storm decreases in severity as it moves northward.

I really hadn't planned to do any outside work today but, as usual with me, one thing always leads to another and I ended up getting it all done. And, I had another one of those "new eye" moments in the process. I think I have mentioned that I have been picking up lots and lots of mums. I grabbed one more when I was out the other day. I was going to put it in an urn on the pool deck but as I looked at the front of our garage, I realized that this is an area that I truly tend to neglect. I did build a sort-of "garbage can fence barricade" because I dislike seeing our garbage cans and second A/C unit every time I drive up. Because of very large roots, I could NOT get the fence level so that in and of itself drives me crazy but a few months ago I decided to plant an ivy that I dug up on the other side of the yard there. I thought maybe if it grew up on the fence, it would make the un-levelness easier to take. It was doing really well until one day when I noticed that our lawn man had cut it down-even after I had it stapled onto the fence to encourage upward growth.

The next time he came, I mentioned it but I guess he didn't spread the word among his crew because just as it started growing, off it came yet again!!! I'm not one for confrontation and I didn't want anyone to get in trouble so I figured if I put some bricks around it and added some mulch, everyone might realize I WANTED it there...and they have. It still isn't gorgeous, but it is getting there.

And so, that brings me back to what I started on-funny how I write like I talk-long and rambling onto all sorts of other points-lol. This part of our house is really not all that visible from the road as we are on a cul-de-sac and the road is turning at this point so I have never-in all of the years this garage has been here-thought to landscape the area. I did plant some things along the side of the driveway near the house but because our irrigation doesn't reach that far, they always died because it was really just too much trouble to water them. But, I see this area every time I arrive home and head up the straight drive to the garage. And, I suddenly decided that it should look nicer if even just for me. So, the urn got moved around and the mum got planted in it. And, it looks nice and reminds me that I am welcomed home.

I have actually thought about building a simple trellis around the top of the garage door and this just might be the push I need. Something like this:

Or this:

Maybe even just a flat trellis like this since we already have the overhang of the garage in this area...what do you think? I might have just found my next project.

In the meantime, I will have to be content with my uneven, half-hearted attempt to welcome me home and I am O.K. with that for now...there's no place like home! Stay tuned and see where this may lead!

BTW, when I went out to take this picture the ground was so wet after the storm that I gave my fence a dozen or so good hits with the sledge hammer and it is now level-hallelujah! Also, note to self-paint the key pad for the garage door!!!

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