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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trellis Love!!

When I last posted, I mentioned that I had "suddenly" (after 43 years in this house-lol) decided that the garage side needed some love. I was toying with making a trellis and although I TOTALLY love the "pergola" type trellis, I know they are not only more complicated to construct but challenging to install so they don't pull down. Since this pretty much was a "me" project-although I have enlisted the help of my brother and sister-in-law-I decided to go with the simpler, flat trellis. And, I think that one would look better anyway because we already have the over-hang over the garage door.

So I hit Google and Pinterest with a vengeance...and then I started thinking about the kind of wood I would buy. I wanted it light weight and relatively thin so I was thinking 1X2s but don't think I could find them in cedar or even pressure treated around here-maybe I could...guess that is something I have never needed before. In any case, I went to the Lowes website and searched trellises and what to my wondering eyes should appear but-no, not Santa- but a trellis EXACTLY like what I was imaging...and, wait for 57% off. Can you see me doing a little happy dance?

Since I was just too tired to head out that late yesterday, hubby and I were there just as they opened this morning. I JUST KNEW that someone would beat me to those beauties and I initially thought I would need 5-one for either side and then three cut apart to go over the door. But, when we got there, they also carry a smaller, plain trellis that is exactly what I will need to go over the top-so much easier and a better size I think. I want to bounce a few ideas off of my sister-in-law before we make the final decision but I am beyond excited to see how these will turn out. They look great just leaning up out there as we speak.

I had hoped to get a square, concrete planter box because it would snug up better next to the wall but they were nowhere near large enough and they were HEAVY to boot. I ended up going with a resin, faux concrete...not really what I wanted but it was about all hubby and I could manage to get home in our car!

Then I went looking for what to plant. I found lots of vining plants but I was super sensitive to color. Some would be beautiful in the summer-in my twisted mind of summer colors-and some would be better in the autumn or spring. I knew it would drive me crazy if the colors "fought" the rest of the color schemes around the house during any given season so when I happened upon these white with just a tinge of color bougainvilleas, I knew I had found the perfect fit!

Now I just have to figure out where to cut these things and the best way to mount them and we will be good to go! Stay tuned.

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