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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Finally Here!

So the day is finally here! I have got to be honest...if I wasn't wearing a thumb stabilizing brace on my hand right now, this day would have been here earlier this week. It is killing me to wait this long to truly begin my Halloween decorating but I am hoping that by keeping my thumb joint "fixed", when I take the brace off it might just feel better. Not all that hopeful but a few more days of rest can't hurt.

I have what is called trigger thumb-MAJOR clicking and freezing of thumb joints-with a good deal of pain as the day wears on. It is probably arthritis and really not a whole lot to be done short of shots and surgery but, I am giving this a try. As long as I don't bend my thumb, there is no clicking or pain. But, there is also not a lot getting done because you really need both hands for most anything you do.

But, never-the-less, as of tomorrow, I will not be stopped! I have got our calendar pretty much filled in for the rest of September and all of October. So many, many fun things planned and, I am sure, if there is a free hour and something else fun comes along, we will be there!!!

We have a bunch of errands to run tomorrow and then we are off to Lake Alfred on Tuesday with my brother and sister-in-law. We are heading to one of my favorite day trips-The Stable, Seasons, The Back Yard, The Barn Antiques and The Back Porch Restaurant. They are all a part of shopping experience in Lake Alfred, Florida. Each shop carries a unique assortment of goodies and everything-including the food offerings in the restaurant-is very seasonal. This place is kind of like Field of Dreams-if you build it, they will come. It is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere but ALWAYS packed. I love this trip because we use back roads that take us through forests and over water and it is almost as much fun getting to and from as it is being there!

A lot of my favorite decorative pieces come from here. My only problem with this trip will be getting out of there without spending way too much! I always love it all! So excited to share this spot with my sister-in-law. I think she will enjoy it as much as I do and, hubby and brother won't complain because they will get fed. It's a win/win situation for all. I am sure I will be taking some pictures and I will share soon! Stay tuned.

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