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Monday, September 5, 2016

Going Stir Crazy

We are actually having more rain today than I think we had with Hermine. I am now house bound and going stir crazy. I am looking for projects and just piddling the day away. You can be sure there are closets to be cleaned, floors to be washed, beds to be changed, etc. etc, etc....but, that is NOT the kind of project I want.

And so, I headed where I usually do-straight to Pinterest! I found a cute jar of clothespins on somebody's laundry room post so I went into the garage and grabbed an old Mason jar just waiting to be put to good use and then a bag of old clothespins that I had. I needed to supplement with some new clothespins that I also had but now I have another "something" on the laundry area shelf. Of course, once there were two things my eye kept telling me I needed to find a third. I went out to my potting bench and grabbed this old wooden box I made soooo many years ago. It will stay there keeping the "rule of three" until I find something more appropriate. Thinking an wash board would be so cool!

And then I found this simple spider web glitter doily. Since I had all of those supplies as well, I'm giving it a try.

Pretty idiot proof. You simply chill some Elmer's glue so it is a bit slower to pour, squeeze it in a web shape on to wax paper or plastic wrap and cover with glitter. I only had tinsel glitter in silver so we will see how that works. Now comes the hard part...waiting 24 hours or so before you can peel it off of the wrap. I wanted to make just one to see how it holds up and whether I might want to make a few more as gifts. I am already thinking that I might like it better if it was a bit smaller. We shall see.

Here is the finished product.

It gave me something to do but I don't think I will be making more. It will probably look nice somewhere this year but I definitely don't think it is something that I would attempt to try to store and keep from year to year. Never-the-less, it kept me occupied and now the weather has cleared up and I can get outside again. Lots of errands and appointments tomorrow and Wednesday and then it will be trellis day-can't wait. Stay tuned.

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