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Friday, September 16, 2016

Like the Old Days!

Editor's note: Somehow this blog got posted as I was just starting to write it. You all must have thought I'd lost my mind!! Any way, on to the "real" posting...

When my mom used to come visit, she always said it was like visiting "I Love Lucy"...and she was right. There was always something going on in our house, people coming and going, projects under way, animals under foot, etc. And WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

This past week kind of reminded me of that. We spent most of Saturday at our local football park. Both of our grandsons are playing football this year. Hud's team played hard but went into triple overtime-making their game two and a half hours long (games usually run 50 minutes for this age group) and they ended up losing by an overtime TD. Have I mentioned that it was hot! We ended up under a big oak tree at the end of the field with our chairs and quilt. Our view of the games wasn't as good as if we were in the bleachers but we were in shade and had lots of visitors as everywhere else was pure SUN! We nick-named our area the "touchdown terrace"!

We were at the fields for 6 1/2 hours and got home tired but ready to watch an awesome Gator game that we had thankfully "Ti-Vo"ed!

Sunday was another busy day-we are calling them "second Sundays". Jen and family arrived to help us with some heavy chores and then make dinner. It was a crazy, hectic day! Hazel (their Golden Doodle) was here to join in the fun. We got the poolside gate rebuilt, wheels added to the large gate to the back of the property, another gate latch ground down so it closes a bit better, a Pythagoras costume made for Harrison (who needed it the next day for a project in his math class) and a dinner of tacos with every topping you can imagine, yummy, fresh corn and homemade apple crisp and vanilla ice-cream. In the midst of all of this, we were coming and going, running to and from stores, designing togas and turbans and picking up Hud and Cole (our "adopted" grand daughter) from their day at a volleyball tournament in Crescent Beach. My mom hit the nail on the head-it was crazy and chaotic-just like the old days when our kids were young-and we loved every minute of it! Super fun way to celebrate Grandparents' Day!

And then on Wednesday, we were off to Gainesville. We had another Grandparents' Day celebration. We went to see "Sully" with Becky and my brother and sister-in-law and then met up with Morgan at BJ's for dinner. It was an awesome day and we got to spend the night and do some more visiting with everyone!

We that brings us back to today where we start the cycle all over again. One football game down-the first of the day so the weather was picture perfect!

We're expecting Harrison's afternoon game to be a bit warmer but we've got our chairs and quilts and we're ready for another lovely afternoon. I'm thinking that our coming week may be a bit less hectic-at least I kind of hope so because my chores that are being neglected are beginning to pile up. But, if a better offer comes our way, you can be sure we'll take it. Stay tuned.

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