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Monday, September 19, 2016


Today is one of those days where I am just savoring the "little" things...which always turn out to be the "big" things because they give me so much pleasure.

First of all, I met up with an old friend of mine-my bread machine. I love to make fresh bread. But, gone are the days when I used to make it from scratch. We bought a bread machine and I was hooked. And, I made it often. I would pick up bread mixes every time I shopped and they were easy to find because "everyone was doing it". Fast forward a few years and I guess I am the only dinosaur still around with a bread machine. The mixes are getting harder and harder to find. Yes, I know I can still use the machine and put in my own ingredients but, I got so used to the ease of the mix that I JUST DON'T WANT TO DO IT ANY OTHER WAY. I have picked up some mixes every time I get to a Williams Sonoma...and yes, I know I can order them on line...see previous excuse!!!

And so, I was one happy camper when daughter #2 gifted me with this mix that she happened upon one day. I love fresh bread and I especially love it this time of year! It makes me feel all autumny. Guess it's time to break out the soup pot-nothing better than homemade soup and bread.

And as all of that is happening, I am fighting with myself not to open the newly purchased can of pumpkin and whip up some cinnamon sugar pumpkin doughnut holes! I love these things-too much! Hence the reason I am fighting the temptation!

As I am enjoying the smell of baking bread, I am also reminded of how happy little things around the house make me feel.

For example, this year's BH&G autumn plates. Now I have 12 so bring on the company!

And then there is my newly acquired telescoping valet rod that I found to add to my closet. I love my built-in closet that I did a number of years ago but recently, I have found myself hanging outfits I was going to wear in odd places just so I would remember them. I started to think of ways I could build a small rod and looked everywhere for all different sorts of things I could jerry-rig. Somehow or other I found myself on Google and much to my surprise, there was exactly what I was looking for under the name "valet rod"...and made to fit right into the closet system. It must not have been available back when I put in our system or I am sure I would have added it right away! And, it telescopes so it doesn't have to be out unless it is needed. I love it-so simple yet bringing me so many smiles.

And, what in the world took me so long to think of this? I have had a LARGE PB bag hanging inside the l;laundry closet to store our plastic bags. Even though it was well hidden, I could see it every time I did wash and it was unsightly. Now that I have my beautiful new laundry area, I didn't want to look at anything unsightly any more. A quick trip to the trunk of my car and one Trader Joe's bag later, and things are looking good. Can something this simple really make me so happy? I need to get a life.!

And then, there's this little goody!

Literally as I was drying some cotton shirts that MUST be removed and hung IMMEDIATELY and was pondering a way to hand a rod in this new area, I looked up and what do I see but 13 feet of rod already there and just waiting to be used. One of those AHA moments! What took me so long?

And, of course, fresh flowers always make me smile. This new-to-me flower is in the alstroemeria family and lasts even longer-and, the flowers keep getting deeper in color as they age. These are on their way to a beautiful autumn orange. Ahhh autumn! I love this time of year. Maybe that is why even the smallest things put a smile on my face! Stay tuned.

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