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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Like an International Convocation!

I think we are almost there...almost. Just waiting to hear from one or two more delegates...or at least that is how it feels trying to get this year's family Halloween party on the calendar. Wow! I knew it would get more and more difficult as the "grands" got older and involved in more and more things, but this year takes the cake. There are family trips, football games, jobs, schooling, homecomings and last but definitely not least, sorority inductions. Wasn't sure it would happen but I think we may have it worked out. It will be far from easy but if one gets dropped here, we all go there, others come later, etc., etc., will happen.

And so, I am going on that premise-at least for now and beginning to pick up things as I see them. I've been doing this so long, I kind of just know what we want or need. I am a bit puzzled as to why Target hasn't gotten in our favorite Halloween colored corn chips yet-hope they haven't been discontinued.

In any case, I had some gift cards this morning and saw some goodies I couldn't live without so the buying has begun!

I am not the biggest fan of WalMart but, I must say, when I have time in there to just poke around-especially this time of year-I manage to find some things I can't live without-lol. I do like their BH&G line of housewares and their recent addition of the line from Ree Drummond. If I didn't already have SO MANY decorative serving pieces, I would have gotten into a lot more trouble than I did. I also got a bunch more garden mums.

Since everyone knows I love mercury glass and my mercury glass skull from PB, I couldn't pass these guys up-still don't know where they will hand, but I will find room!

I did find these Cheetos at Target and this beaker in the $ Spot-so much for not doing a laboratory vignette this year!

And I wish someone could tell me why I am so drawn to paper napkins. I have to buy them when I see them. I will say, we do use them all the time during whatever season or holiday it is. But, I still have so many from previous years I'm not sure these were necessary but, they spoke to me. You know, the vintage, words and letters thing-lol.

This cup is from Ree Drummond's autumn line. I love the deep colors and the flowers mixed with the leaves-and, it came at the right time as I had just broken my autumn cup...and pumpkin coffee just doesn't taste as good in any old cup!

Then there is this beauty. Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE copper mercury glass. It isn't always easy to find so when I see a piece, I usually get it. It is one of those colors that is out in my house for a lot of the year.

Here is where it is for now as autumn will be coming down soon to make way for Halloween. If I can find room, it will stay out through Halloween...if not, it will be back in November.

And, if you looked way at the back of the picture of all of today's treasures, you would have seen this beauty.

Do you see it now?

I have wanted a cast iron pumpkin ever since I saw one many, many years ago by Le Cruset. I didn't get it and every time I have seen one since, they have been well over $100. I know they are probably worth every penny of that but I just don't cook enough to warrant that kind of a price on a seasonal pot-although I did spend an awful lot on my regular cookware and still don't cook that much-but, I digress.

In any case, I saw it, loved it and put it right back on the shelf. Then, as I perused the store, I heard this battle going on in my head and since there were only two left, I knew which side was going to win and zipped back there as fast as I could. Isn't she just a beauty? She is also part of Ree Drummond's line and looks to be pretty well made. I can't wait to get a pot of soup going in her! Stay tuned.

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