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Sunday, September 18, 2016

10 Minute Facelift

No, not for me but just as exciting.

I was out front this morning doing some clipping and trimming when my "new eyes" struck again! For years I have been looking at this and it hasn't bothered me...

...until today when it did!!!

This is the kind of face lift I like-about 10 minutes start to finish. All I did was grab a stiff bristled brush and give the faded pumpkin a refresher coat of paint. The stiff brush meant an uneven coat of paint-which is just what I wanted because the original had a striated effect. Plus, a solid coat of paint would have masked the rust showing through...and, believe it or not, I bought this rusty.

I found it in one of my favorite little shops in one of my favorite little cities, Winter Park. Our youngest daughter and her family lived in Thorton Park a number of years ago and Winter Park was just a few minutes away. We used to go every time we visited. There was the sweetest little decor shop back in a "secret" area of specialty shops. I loved this pumpkin when I bought it and I still do. But, that being said, it was definitely due some "loving".

Doesn't it look so much better now? Some of the rust got covered but I'm not worried. A week or so back in the elements and it will be looking just perfect again!

And, while I was out there, I got some of the garden mums down. I thought I bought enough but it looks like another garden center trip is in store. I don't know why I love mums so much-maybe because they remind me of autumn. Can't believe we are really in September! I am in my glory. And, because I got a lot of Halloween things done during the dog days of summer, I have my days free to enjoy!!

I feel some autumn trips in my future! Stay tuned.

P.S. For those of you who read my last post before I actually finished writing it and adding pictures, I am sorry. When I caught it, I had hoped I could finish it and re-post...and I am sure I could have but the way I did it just corrected it for future readers and those of you who saw it first-and there were many-must have thought I had gone a bit crazy. Perhaps I did because I still don't know how I ended up posting it but never-the-less, please know that I hadn't meant to send that to you like many typing errors...OY! Sorry. If you would like, you can go back and see the updated version.

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