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Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to Work!

We had three days of fun and frivolity! A shopping trip out of town, lunch out, two football games to start the new season, a visit to our local Yankee Candle to grab up some of this year's goodies and a day of family visits, food and fun. And to top it off on a high, the good news that grand daughter #2 finished rush week at college by being asked to join her first choice sorority-Alpha Delta Pi. That was her mom's sorority as well so she is beyond excited and we are so happy for her.

It is always hard to get back to basics after such fun goofing off but I kind of hit the ground running today and I have already planted four new plants as well as two pots of mums, washed my car, cleaned up the garage so my nice clean car can get back in there, emptied a large round basin that just isn't going to make it as a planter unless I get some holes drilled in the bottom and recycled tons of stuff that has just been sitting and waiting to get disassembled. Whew! Feel like I have already had a full day and we haven't even had lunch yet!

While I'm here, how about a trip through the dining room?

Do you notice anything missing in this picture? I got rid of the wire shelves that were under the vineyard sign. I just wanted to open up the space. You won't have to wait long to see where it is now residing.

Moving on to the sun room...

Here is where the shelf ended up. I really like this shelf. I bought it from the Horchow catalog many years ago and it has traveled all over our house. Since these plants needed a bit more light I thought this could be a good fix.

So that is it for today. I still want to Windex my car windows, do some edging and get a few loads of wash done. I really don't mind all of these chores but I would do the last three days over again in a flash. I DO think it may be just a bit more fun to play then work! Stay tuned.

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