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Friday, August 19, 2016

One Thing ALWAYS Leads to Another!

O.K. I was up and at 'em EARLY this morning. I couldn't wait to get going. I found a gray/taupey color paint in the garage. I have NO idea where I ever used it in my house but it is perfect for the family room laundry area. Then I climbed back up on the washer and got going. As I was painting, I realized that I probably couldn't live with the unfinished walls in this area.

 When the garage was enclosed and this entire wall was made into laundry area and closets, the inside walls were never really finished because they were truly just utilitarian...and I have survived all these many years without an issue. BUT, now that I am "prettifying" the area, I know this will bother me. Because the rest of the room has barn board baseboards and crown, I decided to just go pick up some 1X4s, stain them and use them across the top and in the corner. Then, I decided that even though I bought a new ironing board holder, I didn't like the way that would look. Without much effort at all, I found a nook just the right size for my ironing board in my craft room/office/dormitory. The best part is that it really makes more sense to have it in here as it is literally only about 3' away from my sewing machine and the room where I usually do my ironing-if I EVER do do ironing-anyhow.

Of course, once the ugly ironing board was gone then I wasn't too crazy about the variety of colors on all of my mops and brooms and even though I bought the hooks to make a cute holder, I decided to find a better place for these unattractive items as well-and I did.

Now I have an entire blank wall and am trying to think how best to use it. I know I would like another hamper for overflow dirty clothes so I am probably heading out later today to find that. I'm thinking I am going to look for wicker to match the baskets.

Then, I may wait and use the area for awhile and see what else I might add that would make my life easier. I am pretty sure that a pallet wood "LAUNDRY" sign is in my future.  Yay, another project-although I am chomping at the bit to get my autumn decorating done so this may have to go on the back burner for a bit.

Can you tell that I am excited about this? I have never had a "real" laundry room so I just sort of accepted what I had but now that my mind is going in this direction, the possibilities are endless! Stay tuned!

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