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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ahhhh-Autumn... least it is INSIDE of my house-outside, not so much!

I took a little break from my laundry area as I am still trying to make some decisions and decided it was time to get the autumn up. I swear I am already in such a good mood! I just love all of the sights and smells that this season brings!

As I was looking through these pictures, I realized that I didn't change a lot in this room from last year's decor. I like it so I am O.K. with that.

I still love the copper mercury glass.

The couch table just makes my heart happy. It has everything I love. I am so happy I bought that old water jug and holder. My daughter actually found it and knew it looked like me. It was not inexpensive but it is something that finds a home somewhere in the house all year long and still makes me happy to see it so I think I can justify the cost! And now that it is full of autumn leaves!!!??? Also, I still LOVE my rusty candle holders that I got at Shannon Roth. I have three different sizes scattered through the house.

I still love my PB pumpkin glass lights but I must say, they are really fragile. I broke several the year I bought them and PB sent me another set because they don't sell replacement bulbs (which is what I had called customer service to inquire about). I sure feel a lot better knowing I still have a few "back-ups" just in case I break more.

I changed things up a bit on this chest. Now that I have the beautiful old baluster, I try to use it every season. Because it is so big, it looks great with the chunky candle wrapped in an autumn garland. Usually the sunflower arrangement sits taller on a rusty urn but this year I kept it a bit lower by only putting it on the wooden "riser". Somehow it looks a little more balanced to me.

I love this time of the year! Of course, every time I open a door I am all too soon reminded that autumn hasn't really arrived just yet but a girl can dream, right?

I think I will be back to the laundry nook tomorrow-and lots more autumn to share. Stay tuned.

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