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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Change is in the Air

I think I felt it yesterday. While it is still hot, there is a bit of a breeze bringing much needed respite from the seemingly relentless heat! We spent the day with daughter #3. We started by doing some shopping at a beautiful new Home Goods down in the Villages. She found lots of things not only for herself but her clients as well and I, as always, found a few more seasonal things. Hubby had fun doing his usual people watching. Then we came back to town for lunch before having to pick up her kids. We went home with them and got to have a nice visit while we decorated her house for autumn. It was a lovely way to spend a day!

Along the way, we did a bit of "mom reconnaissance". My oldest grandson just started middle school and with that comes some new freedoms. It seems as if it is tradition for the kids to walk to a local hangout after school on Fridays. Last week they went to a small burger "joint" known for their milk shakes and this week it was to be Starbucks-which is right downtown and a bit longer walk. We "just happened" to be heading home around the time the kids would be walking and we also "just happened" to be driving down the roads we thought they may be on. Let's just say there were lots of groups of kids and lots of traffic as well so meandering as we looked was not appreciated. We were about to give up when I tried one more turn and there they were-his little group of 5 brand new 6th graders on their way with the "big kids" up front. It was just so cute and of course we had to do what all red-blooded moms and nanas are wont to do-we had to open the windows, honk the horn and yell and wave. Their reactions were adorable. Plus, it made his mom feel good to know that he was crossing at a light and walking without any goofing around. When we picked him up later we asked him if we embarrassed him and he said not really. I think he is used to our shenanigans. lol

So, somehow that leads me to the family room decor. Now that the barn doors are closed, I can show you what is going on in here.

I still really love this sign. The mantle has pretty much stayed the same the last few years but I really like everything up there!

We have a few new kids on the block. Sometimes PB gives me an offer I can't refuse. Such was the case with this water color pumpkin pillow cover.

And then I just happened to see this sign at JoAnns and I don't know why but it just kind of spoke to me and I knew it would look nice on the porch welcoming all of our autumn visitors!

We have a busy weekend. I just got back from Yankee Candle's Halloween party for 2016. I found some more treasures that I will share soon. Now we are off to an afternoon of football. Both boys have games today and the best we can hope for is a bit of cloud cover as we'll pretty much be at the field for the whole afternoon. Then tomorrow, daughter #2 and her family are coming down for a visit. Love it when all of this happens-it keeps us "young". haha. Stay tuned.


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