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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Just the Best!

Wow! What a simply fabulous few days we have had! It was FULL of family and fun...just the way a holiday should be. We were missing daughter #2 and her family as they were in Kentucky visiting my son-in-law"s family. I know we must learn to share but we still missed them a lot!

We all headed to my brothers for Thanksgiving and what a group we had-both sides of the family there to give thanks for all of our many blessings and then to celebrate my brother on another year of life.

Poor mustache pinata-it sure didn't take long for the kids to demolish this!

As I have said, the theme was "mustaches" because my brother has sported a mustache for as many years as I can remember. It was fun to see everyone getting into the fun. We enjoyed our feast and then stayed and chatted outside until quite late.

The next day saw us up pretty early and we met my son-in-law and Hud at Lowes for the picking of the tree 2015. It is so much easier with helping hands. We managed to find a beauty in short time and with Elton's truck, getting it home was a breeze. Then, a quick cut with the chain saw and it was standing majestically in its stand before I knew it.

Once that was accomplished, we were on to the outside lights. My husband and I do this every year but getting the lights up to the peak is proving harder and harder as I literally stand on the top of the ladder and still have a pretty good reach. Thank goodness for strong, young bodies. Before I knew it, my daughter, grand daughter and her boyfriend had them all up and lit. 

Once we were done here, we headed to daughter #3's for a truly lovely afternoon of visiting and eating (yes, eating again) ...where we were joined by lots of neighborhood kids and even a neighbor for a wonderful dinner and lots of laughs. This proved to be another late night but was so much fun.

Today I got the lights on the tree and am now heading out to watch a Christmas movie before the Gator game this evening. I suspect tomorrow will see me beginning the red and green invasion. Tree is up and lit, lights are on outside...this is the earliest I have ever been this far along but since we will be off to St. Pete for another week soon, December will go quickly. Can't wait to share. Stay tuned.

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