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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Changes Are in the Air!

Literally! It may not be much but as we face a week of 0-5% chance of rain a day, we also face a week of slightly lower temperatures and with the lower humidity, it will feel wonderful! This has been a LONG, HOT, WET summer (and into autumn) and any relief feels wonderful! Please remind me not to complain even once when the temps drop yet again and I am actually chilly!! I will take it like a (wo)man!!

In any case, as I once again wait for the cable guy, I thought we could head into the family room.

I have had this guy for sooo many years. He is kind of like a cat in that he has nine lives. He has literally been on the way to the garbage several times. Once, when I unpacked him and found him broken in half. But, I just couldn't do it so if you look closely, you can see the glue lines. And then, once again when his "country blue" bow and beaten and battered leaves just didn't "do it" for me any more. But, once again, I couldn't so he got yet another reprieve. I am NOT a floral designer but even I could glue on a few new leaves and acorns and add a seasonal bow. Voila! I don't know-there is just something simple about him that I like and speaks of the season to me.

This is where I "insert" a bit of harvest as well-not just from the banner (a gift lovingly hand made for us by my cousin) but by the addition of the pumpkins and gourds. If we were actually hosting the holiday at our house, I would be adding lots of fresh gourds and Indian corn but since we are not, I am OK with this.

So, lately, I have chosen not to show you these shelves in the family room as I post my different seasonal decor because they are "just" lots and lots of family pictures. I DO take pictures of them every time because they help me remember what all I put in there. But, I know I have mentioned over and over that even though I sometimes get decorating advice to cut down the number of pictures I display, I am forever seeing my family perusing these shelves and resurrecting memories of so many years ago. And, that is exactly what happened to me as I was taking these pictures.

My eyes zoomed in on two photos and I realized just how long I have been holiday obsessed!

Here is daughter #2 dressed as a pilgrim with her best friend dressed as an Indian...can't even tell you how many years ago that was. (I just noticed the brick. That is how we first built the fireplace. I got tired of it so I first white-washed it and then, several years later, slathered it over with Venetian plaster. I'm thinking I might like that brick again but I think the only way that would happen is with lots of sand, I will just move on!)

And here is daughter #3 wearing the same hat and apron but probably refusing to wear the long, black dress-lol!

Well, cable guy still isn't here. Looks like it may be a long day. I think I am going to start pulling some Christmas ideas. The adults have all agreed to go "simple" this year so I am off to see what I can find to make for everyone-should be fun?! Stay tuned.

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