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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Results Are In!

I love to make soup this time if fact, I love to make soup any time of year because once it is made, we can live off of it for a long time! That being said, most of my favorite recipes take some "babysitting" as the recipe progresses...add this, 30 minutes later, add this, etc. I have had a super busy week with me being out of the house most of the days. What could be better than a crock-pot recipe? And, since I had treated myself to a new pot (finally bid farewell to the old avocado original) last year when Williams-Sonoma was just throwing rebates at me (haha), I decided it was time to pull it out.

I had just enough time between bringing home the supplies and leaving for an appointment to get everything chopped and into the pot...set it on high for four hours and headed out the door.

When I returned, the house smelled so good! Gotta love that kind of cooking! A few more fresh veggies got added towards the end and we were ready to eat!

This was a crock pot minestrone soup recipe that I found on Pinterest. You can find it in my Pinterest Crockpot Recipe folder. Look for the recipe from "". It was very good but had a few things I will tweak if I make it again. There are many, many other veggie crockpot recipes so I think I may keep going until I find one that is PERFECT just as it is. But, a big, old bowl of this veggie and bean goodness with a hunk of roasted Tuscan garlic bread warm from the bakery and spread with butter wasn't half bad! And, I don't have to think about cooking again for a few will take the two of us awhile to finish this pot! Stay tuned.

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