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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Almost Caught Up!

I have come to realize that another "benefit" of growing older is just plain slowing down. We have now been home from our trip for a week and I am still not caught up with everything on my to-do list. Of course, coming home at the end of a super busy October with all of Halloween left to face would back me up a bit on a good day but, I am slowly chipping away at the chores and getting a bit back to being organized so I thought I would take a minute and show you the kitchen.

Here is my "antique" Publix Pilgrm People platter. I noticed the other day that not only have they brought back the salt and pepper shakers but also this platter this year.

This was always a favorite hymn of mine. I can remember singing it in glee club in elementary school as well as in church this time of year. If my eyes are not deceiving me, I made this 30 years ago!!

These pilgrim and turkey candles are like the energizer bunny-they just keep going and going. My mom had a set of these so they were a must for us the first Thansgiving after we were married. I think I bought them at Woolworths. The have changed color a bit but I still love them and the memories they evoke.

Here are my salt and pepper shakers as well as a spoon holder I have had for many years. I also have a Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim set of coffee mugs that I think were only available for one year. Ours are pretty chipped and crazed but we use them every morning in November.

If you look closely you can see some of the hand-print turkeys that the kids have made us over the years. The very bottom one was one that our youngest daughter made us oh so many years ago. I love these memories and how every generation makes their interpretation of holiday classics-everything old is new again-or maybe these lovely traditions just never get old. Stay tuned.

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