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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Gobble, Gooble and Look Fast!

Our Thanksgiving decor is up but I just realized that it won't be up for long. We have a lot of travel planned for December so I will need to get Christmas up before we start heading off. I actually thought-momentarily-about not putting it out at all but I knew that would make me crazy, so, here we go.

The sign I made a few years ago is back...this time welcoming people at the front door. I'm not sure I'm entirely thrilled with this placement but since I have filled its previous home with yet another sign, "homes" were limited!

I still really love this PB pillow cover. It looks hand painted-I'm pretty sure it's not-but some day I may try my hand at painting one. I actually have picked up some autumn plates from Better Homes and Gardens at WalMart the last few years that have this feel. They are pretty and much less expensive than the beauties found at PB. We just use them for lunch, so no need to "break the bank".

This is our new sign. The more I look at it here and read its message, the more I feel it might be better in the dining room. We shall see what we can do about that...then again, maybe next year!

I really am a sucker for oranges and the way the sun hits this room this time of year. It looks like autumn to me even though Mother Nature is STILL not co-operating. Keeping good thoughts! Stay tuned.

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