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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Getting Our Hungry On!

 Just about ready to head off for our Thanksgiving feast and birthday party at my brother's home. Yesterday we were invited to spend the day with daughter #3 and her family at their was to be pie baking day so I put on my "baker's hat" and off we went. I probably should have known that she hasn't done much pie baking when I started getting text messages to bring a rolling pin, then Crisco, then pie plates-and she didn't know what size! This is my gourmet chef kind of daughter...never realized that she really doesn't enjoy baking.

When we arrived at her house, we were met with lovely cheeses and crackers, hot crab dip and butternut squash bruschetta-see, goumet foods. They were all delicious. A nice glass of wine and we were ready to start-or were we?

The kids were chomping at the bit to help make pies so while Jen was reading the recipe, I kept the kids busy by making the ice cream cone cornucopias that are all over Pinterest.

With the help of a glass of warm water and a microwave, these were pretty easy to accomplish.

After looking at the Pinterest pin, you can only imagine the kids' dismay when our cornucopias went from this: this:

They were sure theirs would also be loaded with M & Ms, but their mom had other ideas. It was a fun project and kept them busy for awhile until the pie baking was finally ready to begin!

I'm not sure exactly what the total plan had been, but after a totally fun, laugh (and wine ) filled day, we had ONE pie to show for all of our efforts. Wish I had a picture of the finished product because it is a beauty but I was having so much fun, that this is the only picture I remembered to snap!

I finally got all of the chocolate pops made and bagged and ready to travel.

Then I found the perfect sign to say just what we want to say...

I found this free download on "ARMOMMY". They have lots of others too. I am always so happy when I can find just the perfect free download because I couldn't design my own if my life depended on it!

So, we are off. I will have more to share soon I am sure-big plans for the next few days...with lots of happy "helpers". Hope everyone has a family-filled Thanksgiving and before we know it, we will be seeing red and green! Stay tuned.

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