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Thursday, November 19, 2015

"Fun Stuff"

I love it when my life is full of "fun stuff". O.K., I know, my life is almost always fun stuff...guess I mean the little, unexpected fun things that come my way via grand children.

Daughter #3 asked me to help Presley with a school project when she would be here with us this weekend...Nana is the one with any craft supply you could ever want just sitting in her closet(s), so this kind of project often comes my way. You see, Presley had to "disguise" her turkey so no one would find him and he would be safe from someones Thanksgiving table. It was the cutest project ever-definitely one I would be doing if I were still teaching. After the turkeys are returned to school, they will be "hidden" all around the classroom and then a writing assignment will follow.

In any case, what we thought would be a leisurely project turned into a bit of a rush when we saw it was due today and the kids had to be at church for youth group in about an hour. Thank goodness the instructions read "feel free to make this a family project"! Presley made all of the decisions and did all of the actual work but Jen and I did a bit of expediting.

Here is what Tom looked like when he arrived:

And here he is in his disguise finery:

With all of the Santas already out and about, I'm thinking he should be pretty safe in this disguise-haha!

I love crafting with this child. She enjoys it so much and, just like her mom when she was young, she knows what she wants and doesn't want-definitely has a mind of her own! This turkey turned out JUST as she wanted and she is so proud of him! God speed Mr. Turkey! Stay tuned.

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