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Thursday, November 12, 2015


Remember that old Flip Wilson saying "the devil made me do it"? That is how I was feeling as I walked out of Hobby Lobby this morning. I went in to look for a few craft supplies and I can always use another pumpkin in my new dough bowl but....Halloween? NO WAY! That is not why I was there nor was I even looking for it. I made one simple turn and right where I least expected it, there it was. A big, old "90% Off" sign. I tried not to look-I really did. But, come on, 90% off? I did walk right by any more Halloween decor...I really don't need more-unless, of course, it was something I could not live without-and it wasn't. But, things that I know I WILL use...and probably next year...I just couldn't pass up. And so, just when I thought I had found a hiding storage place for all things Halloween, I am on the lookout once again. Wish me luck. $32 worth of stuff for just $3.20...I may just have to go back! Stay tuned.

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