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Sunday, November 8, 2015

NEVER Enough Time!

By now everyone knows that we hit the road three days before Halloween and didn't come home until 3 days after. You would think that would give us lots of time to do all of things we want...but, somehow, we never seem to have enough time to fit in everything we want to do.

The days leading up to the holiday saw us still running lots of errands. We were not only finishing the details of Halloween but we were doing some things to finalize Caitlin's homecoming activities and upcoming homecoming dance. After raising three girls of our own, you would think we would remember all of the "little" details that had to be just so! lol

We did take advantage of the any places the errands took us to squeeze in a bit of "tourism" as well as the mandatory food! Got to try a few new places this trip and one was better than the next.

This may have been the best fish sandwich I have ever eaten. The grouper was blackened and then they added a slice of pickled green tomato and caper aioli...Yum!

Friday night was Caitlin's homecoming game and we got to watch her dance once again. This was such a big deal that they even had two different uniforms. It was a super fun evening and the Green Devils won to boot!

Saturday was a day of preparation...not only for Halloween and trick-or-treating but also for finishing college application forms as well as all plans for the homecoming dance. You have to understand that this grand child is a "joiner", so she had a big part in all sorts of things needing to be done on Saturday. We were right down to the wire but we made it!

Once we saw these two safely off to their dance, we went back to the Gator game and saw a UF win right before the Halloween fun really began!!

By Sunday, we were all pretty much whipped so we had a much needed day of rest. We did lots of sitting on the porch and just talking over all of the fun the month of October brought! Come to think of it, we did lots of porch sitting this visit. We started every morning out there with our coffee and ended each day out there with a glass if wine.

This is seriously one of my favorite places in the world!

Who ever said Florida doesn't get beautiful autumnal colors?

I shared the couch with this sweet face most of the time.

We were rejuvenated by Monday and headed off to Largo to pick up a wrought iron table and chairs my daughter bought for her porch as well as to stop in a number of our favorite antique and decor shops. Then, we were off to downtown for a wonderful lunch and an afternoon at the Dali Museum.

This is the Wishing Tree. Before leaving the museum, you are supposed to take off your wrist band, write a wish and tie it on the tree with all of the others.

It was truly a picture perfect day!

And, of course, we saw lots of sporting events this month...just a few...

I LOVE the month of October. I always complain that it goes too quickly but I think that is because we try to cram everything we can into the month-and that is just how I like it! I don't think we missed anything this year-and even managed to add in a few. Most of my Halloween decor is now just a memory and we are on to November. We are going to try to squeeze in a number of day trips this month if the weather will co-operate and already have plans for another trip to St. Pete, a weekend away Christmas shopping, the Nutcracker, Holiday House tour and...and so it goes. I can't wait!! Stay tuned.

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