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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Because We Could!

In my last post, I signed off as we were heading out of town. My husband had a bit of business at the state sales tax office in Alachua for one of his clients, so I went along and we just decided that he would play hooky the rest of the day and we would hit some of our favorite spots while we were up there. Since he is his own boss, there is no one to answer to....except the ever mounting pile of work on his desk-but, as my daughter says, "that is for another post".

We got out of town a bit later than we had expected, so after his meeting in Alachua, we headed straight to BJs for lunch. It is one of our favorites in Gainesville and once again, we were not disappointed!

And, it doesn't hurt that this restaurant is an out building at the mall. So, that was our next stop. I really wasn't looking for much, but had a couple of good coupons-BOGO at Yankee Candle & FREE item up to $14 if you spend $10 at BBW. I ALWAYS need candles/ wall smellie things as I keep changing them with the season or decor, so these were no-brainers!

Then, it was off to Trader Joes. I know I have mentioned how much I like this place. Most people are in there looking for food. See what I am drawn to? This will probably be the last time I can find the hyacinths. I am still blown away by their fabulous fragrance although they are starting to look a little worse for the wear so I guess the season is about over. Probably true for the irises as well, but this bunch is gorgeous. Just opening. And, sun flowers are always a good thing!

Then, I always pick up some of their $2.99 wine-have I ever told you I am a cheap date?
My palate really can taste the difference, but I don't always need the "good stuff"-and the good stuff in my case is anything over $10 a bottle-$20 and I'm almost afraid to drink it!

And this tart is delicious! Last time I tried raspberry and it was yummy so this time I went for my other favorite flavor and it didn't disappoint. See that little slice missing? That is how I know it is yummy. I tested it really late last night after already having cake at my daughter's house, but I just couldn't sleep until I could tell you my honest opinion. I did it all for you!

When we got home, we did a quick "spruce up" and were off to see "little man walking". Hudson "graduated" from VPK. And they actually marched in to Pomp and Circumstance! What a hoot. I was so proud of this little guy. He has blossomed in this last year. He was so serious up on that stage. The "graduating class" entertained us with a number of songs first and he sang his little heart out! So cute! One more milestone. Watch out Eighth Street Elementary-he is heading your way!

Don't you just love that face?! Anyhow, a fabulous day!! No preconceived ideas, so nothing to not go as planned. Wish every day could be like that!! Off again to load up on some supplies for some future projects. Stay tuned. 

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