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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New "Toys"

Remember how I told you to make note of two of the items I have posted recently? One was a late birthday gift - I told you I know how to milk a birthday - and one was an early Mother's Day present. I think I have also told you how my girls "get" me. Sometimes they even know I will love something before I do!

Case in point. Here is my late birthday present...

When I first opened this, I knew I loved it because it meets my usual criteria: rusty and rustic! But, I wasn't sure how I would use it or where. It is a gift from daughter #1 and her family. As soon as I opened it she said, "When I saw it, it looked like you. I can just see it full of autumn leaves and pumpkins or beautiful Christmas balls". And I felt the "heavens open and the light flood in". Immediately, I "saw" something for every holiday or season filling the scale and then knew it had to go by the front door as a visual hint to visitors as to what they would see in the rest of the house. I am already thinking about what goodies will fill this as 4th of July fast approaches.

Next, we have this little beauty. Have I said before how much I love cloches? For this display I have the cloche sitting on the bottom of the mossy bowl. If I flip the bowl over, the cloche nestles right down inside. And, I guess I could even use them independently of each other. So many possibilities! I love both of my gifts. Only sorry that my birthday is really over now. Oh well, only 9 more months and I'll have another!

Heading out of town for the rest of the day and then have plans for a fun evening as well. I will fill you in soon. Stay tuned.

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