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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flowers and Birdies and Nests, Oh My!

So even though Mother Nature has once again shown her upper hand-and it really feels a bit more like winter here again- I am moving on with my springtime decorations. Today we are in the dining room and, yes, flowers and birds and nests do seem to be setting the theme. I really didn't change up much from last year and, when I look at these pictures, I realize that I really did go a bit minimalist-for me at least.

This only goes to prove, where there's a will, there's a way! I knew I wanted to put a nest on the pedestal I made a few years ago. And, I knew I had just bought a bag of excelsior (which I sadly had to resort to as I had used up all of the twigs and "coconut liner" I could find out in my yard) but, in my efforts to straighten up the guest rooms before my several weekends of house guests, I had safely tucked that bag away somewhere that made perfect sense-at least at the time. Then, when I went to find it to make my nest, I searched everywhere I could think of to no avail. But, I still wanted a nest that would pretty much fill this space. So, I started with a small, purchased nest and then got inventive and added a few thin twigs, some old, darkened moss and shredded newsprint. It is a bit untraditional but maybe that is why I like it. I just realized I could have also shredded some brown kraft paper and that would have been wonderful too-maybe there is another nest in my future!

Does anyone else hear this spot calling for something? Maybe a "spring" banner. I will head to Pinterest as soon as I am done here and see what I can come up with.

I love this crate basket I got as a gift from daughter #1 and her family. I don't think it has been out of any of my decorating since I received it. You can pretty much stack anything you want in it and it looks nice. I have this vignette sitting on 2 April Cornell placemats that I bought on a ridiculous sale many, many years ago and completely forgot I had until I was digging around in the sideboard looking for some other table decor. Guess it may be time to do some organizing!

Have you ever seen this baker's rack so devoid of photos? Think there may still be another container of stuff that I haven't come to yet. This happens every year as there are many months of holiday decor and then when I have to go back to "normal", I don't remember what went where!

I went with the white in the hutch once again, but have decided that next year I am going back to spring color. Not only do I have the beautiful set of floral dishes that I use at Easter...

...but I have this set of dishware as well.

I love this set of rose dinnerware. I used to display it every year-plus I used to actually use it -when I actually cooked (but, I digress). I would set a beautiful table and even use these pretty rose napkin holders. I also have tons of other rose decor, so this was an easy display. Think I will dig all of that out again soon. Maybe I will even use it this year after my 4th of July comes down. Roses would work for part of the summer at least. Still have to fit in my sunflowers. So much "stuff", so little time. What do you think?

I do still like the fact that I can use some of my classic, everyday china in this display. And I especially enjoy that I can pull out some of my old silver that I TRULY NEVER use any more-not to mention the fact that it is no longer considered a faux pas if you don't polish your silver. In fact, it is quite trendy for it to be tarnished. I knew if I lived long enough, one day I would actually be considered "trendy". More spring to come-yes, it's true! Stay tuned.


  1. It does look nice and springy. I agree, it does look minimalist for you! Sounds like you had a nice weekend. We survived and I am heading out to sit by the pool/water and read a good book. Enjoy your day!

  2. Sounds like your weather must be a lot nicer than ours! It is yucky here. Glad everyone survived. I guess Caitlin is finally, officially 15!