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Friday, April 26, 2013

How Did We Miss This?

I am talking about my kitchen. I was trying to think ahead a bit to what some of my next posts would be in this season of "holiday desert". No new big projects on the immediate horizon. Then I remembered that I haven't shown you what the kitchen is looking like these days. I guess that is because it is not very "springy".

For some reason, when I get to the kitchen decor this time of year I want to go back to my wine theme-hmmm, think there might be some correlation there between the stress of this time of year with our endless things to do and the theme desire??? Just saying. And before any of my family members call me on that one, I need to come up with a better word than "stress" when I am talking about all of our family goings-on. Maybe "busyness" would be better? I don't mean to imply that I don't love every minute of the "busyness" with you all!

That being said, come on along.

I love those ORANGE tulips! My favorite color in my favorite flower!! And, those gerbera daisies came from MY garden!

Hard to see, but that picture in the wooden box is an old cross stitch that I did MANY years ago-my eyes couldn't even come close these days. I happened upon it when I was digging for something else. I really thought I had thrown it away ages ago. Decided it needed to find a place in the daylight once again-if even for just a short time as 4th of July will be creeping out around the 1st of June.

Still love my "fingerprint" flower pot made by daughter #3 and her children.

I haven't used my "faux" olive trees for awhile, so I decided to stick one in the olive jar to see if I liked it. It is still there so I guess it isn't bothering me too much.

O.K. So that part of my kitchen is fine with me, but now I want to make a few changes. I know I have been talking about changing the color but I can't pick one. Every time I think I have found a winner, I realize I still like the red. Maybe I should just find a slightly different hue of red to give it an update??!

Then, I am thinking about taking down the "wall" of bulletin board pictures I have on the side of my pantry cabinet. It is large and when I view it  with a "new eye", it is a mess. But, when I view it with my "Nana eye", I love looking at all of those sweet faces looking back at me.

I am thinking about possibly moving the chalk board-which I do use for grocery reminders-to the pantry wall and adding some large, chunky open shelves to the wall over the phone. That would give me more mercandising space-as if I really need that, but.... Can't seem to make up my mind. What do you think?

We had a fun evening last night at our grandson's school spaghetti dinner. We got to hear him sing and view his artwork. Then, the kids got to run off some of their chocolate chip cookie dessert induced "energy" on the playground. It was fun and reminded me of just how many years we have been doing this. It started in 1969 when I was on the serving line as a teacher and continued through oh so many years of P.T.A. The spaghetti last night was really good. Don't know if the schools are using healthier recipes or what, but I ate all of mine!

Harrison is the second from the left in the top row. He is singing his heart out. Perhaps a future Pavarotti...or Justin Bieber...

...or perhaps another Picasso?

You will have to look in the back of this photo to see my beautiful grand daughter. For some reason, Little Miss Sassy Pants did NOT want her picture taken. And, since this is #7 for us, we now know when to "cut our losses"!

Today is Friday! Yeah!! Not sure where the rest of the day will take me, but if it turns out to be anywhere fun, I'll be sure to bring you along. Stay tuned.

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