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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just in Time!

We finally got out of town for a day...and just in time! I have been posting about our beautiful spring weather and lack of rain. We headed out of town yesterday and as we only a few miles from home on our return, the skies opened up. It didn't last long and the sun came out again but this morning, we awoke to rain and our temperature had dipped to 54 degrees. It has been raining all day-the good steady my grass will be so happy kind of rain. I had to drive my grand children to McIntosh for a trade-off (they are going to spend today and tonight with daughter #2 and her family as their mom and dad are down in St. Pete at a wedding), so I thought I would run some errands while I was out. I got wet and then realized how cold it was! I think I felt the cold worse today than I have all winter but, yesterday was wonderful.

We always try to get out of town if only for a day after the filing season has ended but this year we were having trouble doing so as one client after another needed some other obtuse something or other. Hubby finally said we were going and he was just going to turn off his phone for a few hours. We knew we couldn't go far so we headed to one of our favorite afternoon while-aways-The Shoppes of Wiregrass down near Tampa.

Just a day away from the office is relaxation enough and down there he can do a few of his favorite things: read, eat and people watch. The weather was perfect with just enough of a cool breeze and bits of clouds to tone down the sun. I, on the other hand, get my relaxation in the form of retail therapy and this place has a few of my favorites too: Pottery Barn, Chicos, Williams Sonoma, Bath & Body Works, etc.

Since we were hungry when we got there, we started the day by having a long, leisurely lunch at Prime Bar. We were happy the day was so nice so that we could eat outdoors. I think we must be going there too often-or we talk too much-as the waitress we had remembered us and seemed to know our life stories-and this is at a restaurant about 80 miles from home!

We always have an appetizer when we are here and this flatbread is one of our favorites. Yesterday's lunch was the blackened fish sandwich-which is huge and will usually be dinner that night as well-but everything I have ever tried is delicious! If you try this, you might want to ask for some of their lemon caper aoli-it is yummy!

Then it was off to shop as hubby sat and read and rocked.

I managed to do some damage in both Chicos and Bath & Body Works, but hubby lucked out as far as PB is concerned. They are pretty much stocked with their summer decor right now-lots of blues and shells being featured and just not my style. This happens every year and I think it is the only time that I visit a PB and really can't find anything I want to buy. It is a strange feeling for me. Hope it goes away quickly. Stay tuned.

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