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Monday, April 15, 2013

"Easy, Peasy" Spring- Maybe

The day has finally come. Easter decorations must come down. I am not sure if my procrastinating of late in taking down holiday decor is because I am sorry to say good-bye to old friends or the the fact that as I get older, it takes me longer and longer and quite frankly, wears me out!

In any case, it must be done and spring decorating is really the easiest I do as most of it is already in place with my Easter decor. All I do is pull out the bunnies, baskets and decorated eggs and fluff the rest out with nests, birds and the outdoors.

It is only a little after 2:30 and for all intents and purpose, I am done-maybe. I see alot I will probably tweak, but I could stop here and it would be ok. I have had a nice day as I have had a bit of company.

This sweet little guy has spent the day with me. He wasn't feeling 100% yesterday, so Mommy thought it would be better if he had a day to recoup. He is eating again but still not totally back to being himself. He came and checked on me periodically as I did on him-it was fun.

I am keeping almost all shades of green only in this room with an occasional pop of purple here and there. For some reason, all of the other pastel spring colors read as Easter to me, so I took them down. Do you see my new treasure hanging in the corner of this shot? I will fill you in on that in another post.

This basket is on the floor under the table. I let that little splash of yellow forsythia show through but it already bothering me. I know forsythia is a spring flower but that yellow....!

As you can see, I am keeping it simple! I love the serenity of green. The room feels soft and quiet. Things will change up a bit in the kitchen. Stay tuned. 

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