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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rainbow of Spring...

....but look quick!! I just got in from a bit of work in the garden and I realized that right at this moment, I probably have the most colors that my garden will produce all year. All of the newly planted flowers are thriving AND, not only have many of the perennials now come back but many of the autumn and winter plants are still hanging on.

This is just one of many pentas that I have. I have red, white, lavender and pink. This particular plant is way too big. It is in my front garden and actually higher than the sprinkler head behind it. That is usually my cue that it is time for some pruning but for some reason, the hummingbirds love this plant. Almost every time I look out the front window, I will see one hovering. They are just so beautiful that I can't bring myself to grab the clippers. Hopefully soon they will discover all of the new blooms in the back and I can get this plant under control again.

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that I live in Florida. Even though we have an irrigation system, we are only allowed to water twice a week and that will not be enough in the heat that will soon be upon us. I really have to hand water every day to keep things looking lush and even then, some of this rainbow will succumb.

As I was walking around the yard, I spied these beauties. Not quite the color I am hoping for but soon, very soon.

I am hoping to get to the pool deck pressure cleaning this weekend. It is a big job but I enjoy it because of the "immediate gratification". Then, all I will need is for the water temperature of the pool to go up-way up-and I will be good to go. Stay tuned.

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