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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Simple Family Fun- Part 2

In yesterday's post, I filled you in on all of the fun just the girls had. Since we are an enterprising group and knew we wanted to squeeze in one more family celebration, we invited all of the guys to join us on Sunday to celebrate my oldest grand daughter turning 17!! Since we didn't get to squeeze in a big family celebration for her last year (as some of the family was out of the country), we called this one "Sweet Sixteen plus 1".

The beautiful birthday girl!

The BG and her cousin, Caitlin. Don't tell Caitlin I posted this one. She didn't have her make-up on but I nudged her to still let me take the picture. Further down this post you will see her post-make up but I think she is beautiful either way!

All 3 of the youngest in one spot and still at the same time!

This boy needs his own dog-he loves his dog cousins so much!

Hud was missing from this picture as he had an important date with the Legos!

Don't ask! And yes, this is the BEST one we got. The sun was really bothering Harrison's eyes so we said close them and open on the count of 3-this is what we got!

Hannah's sister and cousins made this for her while the "grown-ups" were off celebrating yesterday. It was gone in a flash!

As the afternoon wore on, Presley wanted to have another tea party. She loves doing this so much and is so careful with our "china" tea set! Even her brother joined us as there were chocolate chip cookies involved!

What a wonderful time we had. My daughter and son-in-law took charge of all of the food and cooking so it was all the more fun for me! My brother and sister-in-law and Hannah's Gramma joined us as well. It was a big, fun filled family day. Lots of laughs and love-what could be better?!

In keeping with our crazy April theme, we have now all turned our attentions to our next big get-together. We will once again have a family site at the Gainesville Relay for Life. This year our site will be "The Wizard of Oz" and our slogan is "We found our courage, brains and heart. Now we need to find a CURE". Our team is named "Caitlin's Crusaders" and we have been doing this every year since Caitlin was diagnosed with liver cancer. Last year my daughter Becky joined Caitlin in the "survivors' lap". They are both doing very well but this terrible disease must be stopped! On nights like this all over the country, it is obvious what an impact this disease has-not only on the patient but on their family and friends as well. So many wonderful advances have been made but there is still much to learn. If you have a chance, please support your local Relays in any way you can. And, stay tuned.

You've come a long way baby!!!

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  1. Thanks, you just made me cry! I have enjoyed watching Caitlin take charge of her own Relay for Life team this year and it just amazes me every day of what we all have survived and where we stand today. We do have an incredible family!