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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So Much Fun!

Our day started off with the traditional egg hunt. The kids each have a color so the eggs can be hidden appropriately for each age. Some of the eggs have candy or money and others have numbers corresponding to gifts. When all is said and done, they have each received the same number of things but somehow they never put two and two together. We have been doing it this way forever and none of the kids have ever questioned it-they just love to hunt. Many years, they will hide those pesky eggs over and over but this year the bunny did a pretty good job of hiding them, so one hunt seemed to be enough!

One egg is still not present or accounted for. Everyone joined in the search and then decided to just leave it where it is and see if "the gardener" finds it some day. Hope it is the one with the $100 bill-haha!

After the hunt and then lots of food, we headed over to dye our 4 dozen eggs. The kids love doing this so much, that I always want to have plenty of eggs ready and then this way, each family can take home a bunch as well. This year we were pretty laid back-whatever the kids wanted was fine-including eating eggs as they were dying.

I guess we had pretty much the same Easter that other families were having all over the country. Not sure if all of our traditions are "traditional" but, they are ours and it wouldn't be the same without them. We had a lovely, laid back kind of day. Lots of smiles and laughter. Hope yours was the same!

I am now switching gears and using this week to get ready for next weekend. My girls and sister-in-law will all be here to celebrate our "baby's" 40th birthday. We have a tradition of doing 40 gifts for this special day. Usually each gift will bring forth a special memory. We space them out and have lots of fun sharing all of the things others of us may have forgotten. I spent all day yesterday going through old pictures and printing up old slides. In a normal household this wouldn't be the monumental task it turned out to be for me. You see, when each of my girls turned 30, I made them a scrapbook of their first 30 years. Those things took forever-literally stated a year out-as I had to hunt down, scan and print mostly slides. Poor daughter #3 ended up only getting her "first year" with the promise of the next 29 still to come-and they are still to come. I guess I had pulled a lot of the slides I might want to use as well as pictures, so NOTHING was where it was supposed to be and I couldn't remember where they were! Just one more reason why my summer project is going to be to turn ALL of the slides and loose photos into digital files! In any case, I am hoping to get all of my ideas together today so I can head out to shop tomorrow.

We will spend most of Saturday eating out and walking through so many of the cute shops in and around downtown before we return home for our "memory fest".

And then on Sunday, the guys are all going to show up and we are going to do Hannah's family birthday celebration. We are calling it her sweet sixteen plus 1! Can't believe she is that old! Well, it's more that I can't believe that I am old enough  to have a GRAND daughter that old! Yikes!!!

I was going to give you a hint as to what my next post would be, but when I think of all I still have to do to be ready for not one but two big celebrations at my house this weekend-not to mention dinner and gabbing out with a few of my friends from teaching days on Thursday-I am really not sure I will get to it. Think curb appeal...and stay tuned.

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