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Thursday, March 28, 2013

There's ALWAYS a Story With Me!

My family will be the first to tell you this. No matter what tale I am relating, there is a story to go with it...and it is usually a long story. So goes my week this particular week.

When Monday came, I had a pretty appointment free week ahead of me and a list a mile long of things I wanted to do each day to be ready for all of the company arriving for Easter. I think I have posted about what a fabulous winter we have had weather wise. I guess Mother Nature wanted to show us she could still get the last word because, suddenly, it got cold, And not just at night-the days are only getting into the high 50s. I know for those of you who live further north, that seems to be balmy. But for those of us in Florida with thin blood after all these years, it is a bit too nippy to spend the whole day outside on hands and knees weeding, planting, etc.

And so, I changed Monday's plans and headed out to purchase new umbrellas, table etc. My first stop was Target where I saw the table I wanted but was told they didn't have any in stock. They told me the Lady Lake store had 4. I coiuldn't get to Lady Lake that day but thought that after lunch with my daughter and grand daughters on Tuesday, I would head down. Lady Lake is about 30 miles south of us but the store is in "The Villages" which is kind of a Disney World for retirees. It is miles and miles and acres and acres of beautiful homes full of mostly retirees and just about EVERY store or restaurant or church or doctor or theater-you get the idea-you could ever want. But, more to the point, it is full of PEOPLE! Everywhere you go, there are lines and traffic jams. And, for whatever reason, these people are aggressive! They push in front of you, butt in lines, etc. Okay, that may be a huge generaliztion, but it has been my experience.

In any case, I enjoy going down there only when time is not an issue and that was not the case this week. But, my husband surprised me by saying he wanted to come along. Tax returns are piling up on his desk, so this did take me by surprise but off we went. Looonnnnggggg story short-no tables down there! Back we go to our Target-speak to a nice young man who says one will be in on the truck this night. Come in first thing tomorrow. So now 2 days of the week are gone but I had fun today and we ended up going to Bonefish for dinner, so no harm, no foul.

Yesterday morning sees me in Target. My plan is to snatch up the table and head home to still spend most of the day in the yard. You guessed it-no table came in, but there are 3 in Lady Lake. No there are not I say. I was there yesterday. Yes there are. Their mistake. Please call for me. Call made. One on hold for you. Off I go again-and today, being one day closer to Easter, brings out even MORE crowds if possible.

Have a funny feeling the whole way down but persevere I must. Get there. Finally find the man who knows what I am talking about. Grabs box and starts to put it in my cart when I realize that my rectangular table could not possibly fit in that square box. Box opened. YEP-wrong table. No coffee tables here!!!!! This store manager and asst. manager spent 2 1/2 hours with me trying to figure out what was going on and where these tables could be. One in Clermont-where the heck is that? The manager lives near there. He would pick it up for me and I could come back to get it on Friday...I don't think so. Looonnnnggggeeeerrrrr story short, 4 hours later I am heading back to Ocala to pick up table they have on display on the floor that they had told me more than once that they WOULD NOT sell me after several long phone calls between both store managers.

Finally figured out that some Ocala store employee had put the wrong price label and skew number on the sample table and all of the looking and "finding" had been for a completely different item. I had now wasted 3 days of my time-not to mention gas-to get this silly table. In the scheme of things, it was dumb but I was on a quest. Can you believe that when I finally got back to Ocala at about 3 that afternoon and went to pick up the table, they were going to charge me full price? I am a pretty patient person where things like this are concerned-no sense getting upset at the people who really aren't the cause-although I would like to get my hands on the original guy who put the wrong label on to begin with but....-and definitely not confrontational, but I did ask to speak with a manager. I thought some sort of compensation should be made for their mistake and my 3 days. He agreed and gave me 10%. I probably could have gotten more, but I wasn't going to push the issue. Besides, hubby felt so sorry for me that I got dinner last night at Outback so all's well that ends well.

Thought I would throw in the last of the Easter decor photos after that long, wordy tirade.

Yes, I know, those pesky poinsettias are STILL there. That is only because I haven't had a chance yet to plant the beautiful new purple baskets I have keeping warm in the garage. It WILL happen today!

 And, it looks like my grass will be fine by Saturday. I probably could have started it a few days earlier but I am hoping it fills in a bit by the time we need it. I have had the pots sitting on the floor to get all of the sun they can get. My grand daughter calls them my "chia pots".

Today I AM heading out to the yard. In a bit of a panic because I only have today and tomorrow to do all of the yard work, cleaning, shopping and cooking but I seem to work better under pressure any way, so we shall see. Stay tuned.


  1. Just as an FYI - Target on-line has a TON more items to offer and with the money you spent in gas, it might have been less that S&H to the house. Just saying it might be worth it if your Target doesn't have something. Plus, a lot of time they offer free S&H with a $50 purchase. No picture of the infamous table??

  2. It is such a small, insignificant table that I figured everyone would think I was crazy to go to such lengths for THAT! And, if you don't remember, I had quite the fiasco when I ordered the 2 chaises last summer from and one came smashed to bits. Took forever to get our credit and wasn't sure we could get it replaced so then we would only have had 1. And, the real reason, I wanted it NOW! But thanks for the thought.