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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ever Have One of Those Days?

One of those FABULOUS days? That is what happened yesterday and looks like today and tomorrow will be going the same way. Everything comes together with little or no effort!

I have always told my husband he is an "enabler"-but I mean that in only a good way because I am often the recipient of his "enabling". Yesterday started out like any other day-he went to the gym before the sun even came up and I sat all cozy in my bed with yet another cup of coffee and the latest book I can't seem to put down. When he returned and was getting ready to face his day at work, I simply mentioned that I had a Chicos 50% off coupon that may be expiring soon. Since he is a C.P.A., those are words that always pique his interest because he knows I will be shopping there with or without said coupon, so he might as well save a few bucks. We don't have a Chicos in our little town but there are two relatively close to us-and we love both because of all of the other things around them.

Any way, when he came out of the shower he said "how about I check my appointments today and see if I can't clear the afternoon and we will head to Gainesville?". One minute later, I was off and running. We have our little repertoire of places to hit when we are in Gainesville that we don't have in Ocala and hit them we did!

First, always a stop at Barnies to load up on our favorite coffee beans. Then, on to lunch at B.J.s where we both have our favorites-first, mini-bruschetta bites then a Margherita Fresco flatbread for him and Mahi Tacos and a caprese salad for me.

Then, on to Chicos where not only did I have a gift card left from Christmas, but a birthday coupon for $10 off and the ENTIRE boutique was 25% off!!! Oh, and I also had my 50% off your highest priced item if you spend over $100-Duh, that's a no-brainer in this place for me!

I love Chicos. I love the service, clothes, jewelry-you name it. And, I love that they will finagle your coupons any way possible so that you can use them all on the same day. So, I began to look for a jacket that I had fallen in love with 2 catalogs ago and just never got in to buy it. It was no where to be seen so I found a fabulous green shirt-perfect for St. Pat's but also my favorite color so I know I will wear it often. Also, a big, chunky gold nugget necklace and earrings that just spoke to me.

As I was checking out, I mentioned how sad I was that I had missed that jacket and the saleslady said, "hold on a minute" and proceeded to the sales racks in the back of the store. Now, I will admit that I shop the sales in Chicos but very rarely the deep discount racks in the back because it has been my experience that most of that is stuff that is just plain ugly and there is a reason it hasn't sold. Guess I may have to re-think that as here she comes with my lusted after jacket.

It was 40% off plus the additional 25%. And, I could use all sorts of coupons on top of that, so I got it for $38! See that tag-it started at $139 and I probably would have paid close to that because it speaks to me! BTW, don't let that size tag impress you. Anywhere else in the world, I would die to wear a size 2 but this is Chicos & that is pretty much average size for them-but it does look nice hanging over the back of a chair in a restaurant to people who don't know about Chicos sizing-but, I digress.

Then, it was on to Fresh Market and Trader Joes. Got lots of goodies but, of course, my favorites are the fabulous spring flowers. I bought the "tightest" buds I could find so I will have something to look forward to for the rest of my "birthday week #2"-yes, I will explain later!

Aren't spring flowers gorgeous? Seriously, if it can't be autumn than it MUST be spring!!!

In a past post, I told you that we know how to "celebrate" in our family! Because of other obligations and illness (lots of stuffy noses and coughs for the little ones), my daughter and I couldn't go to lunch last week for my birthday-so, we scheduled it for this Friday. I always look forward to this. I think we are going to our favorite bistro-although we may not be choosing to eat on the porch as we usually do-finally feels a bit like winter around here but gorgeous clear skies and warming up as the sun gets higher so we will see. Since I know I will be eating way too much-not to mention probably a glass (or 2) of wine with lunch, I decreed that my birthday and all of the indulgences I want shall continue until Saturday morning-at which time I will get myself back on the straight and narrow-well, maybe not, because that kind of discipline ALWAYS has to start on a Monday, doesn't it? That gives you time to eat up all of the goodies still in the frig!

Today, for some reason, I have that "all is right with the world" kind of feeling and boundless energy-don't know where that came from-so, I am making a list of everything I might need over the weekend to tackle at least a project or two around here while hubby works extra hours to make up for playing hooky yesterday. Heading out to see where it takes me but you can be sure there will be a fabulous lunch included-after all, it IS my birthday week #2! I have a few Easter ideas percolating so be sure and stay tuned! 


  1. Sounds like a great day. Jealous of the Trader Joe's flowers. Might have to make a trip to Sarasota to get me some!

  2. They are gorgeous and the house literally smells like a garden!