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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tempus Fugit!

Wow! Easter is only a few days away. That means I had better hustle if I want my yard, decks and house to be ready to accept all of our guests this weekend. Just a few days ago I was breathing a huge sigh of relief as our new lawn company had been here for hours and the yard was looking pretty good. Then on Sunday, a big wind and rain storm blew through and I think EVERY small branch and clump of Spanish moss that was hanging in all of our trees decided to rain down with everything else. What a mess! And, unfortunately, it is the kind of mess that will need more than just the leaf blower!

Just a quick jump through the family room today. This particular room was one that really got my "simplify" message-didn't realize how much so until I started to take these photos.

So here is where Peter Cottontail ended up. His spring green background kind of set the color scheme for the rest of the room.

Love this mirror because I can stick in vintage greetings for any occasion and call it a day! I used these flowers in this vase for St. Pat's Day and had planned to change them out but before I did, I realized that they look enough like mini Easter lilies (if there is such a thing) so I called it a day-don't really need more faux flowers around to store through the year any way!

This is MY chair side table. Between that table and the basket on the floor under it, I am pretty much set for an evening of TV without having to get up-except of course, to refresh that glass of wine water. And now, it is even better. See that egg shaped box?

This little lovely came as a surprise in my mailbox yesterday from my cousin (thanks Diane). I love surprises! She knows how much I love vintage and handmade and she got both of them in this gift. She decoupaged the vintage Easter card on to the paper mache box. And, since it is sitting on MY table and easily within my reach, the fact that it if filled with fabulous chocolates doesn't hurt! And, quite honestly-shhhh-I haven't told hubby what is hiding in the box.

Those darn poinsettias are still popping up in my pictures because they simply REFUSE to die! I am going to lunch at my favorite cafe today with daughter #2 and my lovely grand daughters. They are coming down to deliver my grand dogs for a week here as their family travels to Atlanta to go to the Maroon 5 concert-and, perhaps more importantly-prom dress shopping. When they head home, my plan is to head out and buy a bunch of beautiful new plants to say welcome to spring at my house. Had to buy 2 new sun umbrellas yesterday as ours were much the worse for wear after last season. Also needing to buy a wicker coffee table for the new deck area. Isn't it amazing how bad your home can look when you view it with "new eyes"? Or maybe it is just the idea that spring is here and we will all be out this weekend enjoying the promise of beautiful things yet to come. Stay tuned.

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