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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hopping Right Along!

I guess I am keeping it a bit sparse this year. Really only found a few ares in the kitchen to show you this year-the rest of it all has a little Easter, but not enough to "write home about"-and somehow, things that look good in real life just don't show up well in photos. Any way......

All pretty self explanatory and keeping with my more natural theme this year. And, let the tweaking begin...

I really wasn't happy with these eggs in the previous post so I moved them to my trusted rusty urn. It is getting better but still on the hunt for a funeral basket.

And, because I realized I never showed you the finished product of our carnation experiment and I know you were all just sitting on the edge of your seats, I took this picture last night. It was daughter #3 and her hubby's anniversary yesterday, so the kids came to our house for dinner so Mom & Dad could go out.We used this vase of flowers for our centerpiece. The kids were so excited to see how green the flowers had gotten. And, we already have next year's experiment lined up. Seems 2 of them had seen this done with a single, large white rose with its stem cut in to 4 strips and each strip put into a different colored water. When it is done you have a rainbow rose. Ohhhh, can't wait! Might have to try that one sooner! There are so many things on blogland and Pinterest right now using rainbows, that maybe we'll do a "rainbow day" very soon! Perfect for spring break! Stay tuned.

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  1. I don't think sparse has ever been used to describe you or your decorating style! It's looking springy and festive. I am working on Easter too, just in time.